March 18, 2019


Eastgate Ohio


Elder Pickett


No time!!
What an amazing week! A couple weeks ago we had Stake Reports with the Stake President in the Cincinnati East stake.  I don't really like Stake Reports just because at times it seems like it is a waste of time.  We go in there and present to the Stake President what has been happening and then basically leave.  This last one we decided we need to make some things happen.  Especially since Stake Conference was coming up.  We were pretty straight forward with him and we asked if he would be able to write a letter to the bishops about the importance of Gather Scattered Israel and have the bishops read it over the pulpit.  Surprisingly, he liked the idea. Yesterday we had Stake Conference! It was amazing! Elder Dudley of the 70 came and spoke as well.  He had all the Primary Children stand up and sing I am a Child of God.  It was so powerful and the Spirit was so strong as they sang!  It just reminded me how pure children are and how much God loves all of His children.  Each one of us have divine worth! The greatest part about the conference was... Every single speaker including the Temple Presidents wife spoke a little bit about missionary work!  President Bradley at one point had all the missionaries stand up and then told the congregation that he sustains us and expects us to work hard, but he expects all members to open their homes and invite their friends to be taught there!  It was amazing! The work is hastening and with the members help it will hasten twice as fast!
A couple weeks ago a guy named Brennan just showed up to church. (Not sure if I have mentioned him yet.)  He told us that his friend was a member, but just passed away.  The friend told him that one day he and Brennan would be sitting next to each other as members in Jesus Christs church.  After his friends passing he decided to give it a try. The first week we weren't able to meet with him, but he emailed a member a bunch of questions.  A lot of the questions were super deep and almost seemed to be attacking our beliefs. The next week we set up an appointment where we found out that his questions were sincere.  He was so open minded that we were able to answer all of his questions and he enjoyed the answers! Yesterday we had an amazing lesson with him again.  He asked at one point if we all grew up in the church and if we did than how do we know if we have been lead astray. I am so grateful for my testimony and that I was able to find out that this is truly Christ's Church on the earth today! I know that Jesus Is the Christ and the fullness of his gospel is taught in the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!  This is the greatest message in the history of the world.  That God has reached put again and called a Prophet.  This isn't just a faith promoting message.  If this is true it will change your life... Just as it has changed mine.


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