March 4, 2019


Eastgate Ohio


Elder Pickett


It has been another great week... and once again I don't have anytime. The main thing that I have learned/re-learned this week is that the adversary is real!  Going into Wednesday we had 6 solid people commit to come to church and 2 people actually came. Both of which we were not planning on coming. One guy in particular was named Will! We met a few weeks ago at UDF.  We had a great lesson with him at his home where he kept telling us how much he wanted to come to church! He even told us he would walk the 30 minutes to church if he had to! The next day we called him to let him know we had found him a ride, but he didn't answer. After a few more attempts to contact him we decided to stop by UDF and see how he was doing. Sure enough he was there. He came and talked with us. He told us how right after we left the people he was living with began to make fun of him for listening to us.  They got in a big argument where he ended up breaking up with his girlfriend and got kicked out of the house. He had been homeless the past few days.  He told us that he wouldn't be able to come to church because he had to deal with a few things on Sunday! It was really depressing, but because of the pain he has felt and how hard the adversary is working on him right now, when he actually does come to church he will have a much greater experience. (2Nephi 2:11) I am excited to when I am able to tell you guys about his experience at church in the coming weeks. Now with that being said... We were blessed to have 2 others come to church. One of which we had not been in contact with for a few weeks.  He had been driving all night and got home at 4:30 am.  He very well could of made excuses about not coming to church, but instead he put off the natural man and had an amazing experience at church!
I love this Gospel and I love sharing!
Elder Johnson


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