February 4, 2019


Eastgate Ohio


Elder Pickett

Charity Never Faileth

Sorry not a whole lot of time, but I wanted to share a few thoughts about things I have been able to learn this week.  It seems like I learn the most when I am on exchanges, so sorry for another story about exchanges.
This week I went to the West Side of Cincinnati.  During the day we set a bunch of goals in order to find people to teach.  We didn't have a whole lot of time to proselyte, but we wanted to accomplish our goals. One of the Elders I was with was amazing at street contacting.  At one point we were in a conversation for a little bit and I began to feel like we were wasting our time.  I started to think to myself, "This guy isn't interested and we need to move on in order to find more people to teach."  After our long conversation the guy told us he wasn't interested.  Just like I thought.  After we left I began to think to myself about that guy we had just talked to and the spirit rebuked me.  I thought to myself, "Even though he wasn't interested we brightened his day. "I began to feel very guilty and sorry for my thoughts. That night I knelt down and plead with God to help me have more charity for those we come in contact with.  The next day I felt motivated and excited to get to know people and their stories.  I am still not perfect at talking to people, but I am getting better!  I am grateful to know that perfection is a process and not an event.  I am grateful for my Savior who makes it possible to progress and become better.  I know that He lives and loves us!  I know this is God's work and I have benefited from being apart of it just as much as anyone I have come in contact with!
Love you all

Elder Johnson


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