January 28, 2019


Eastgate Ohio


Elder Pickett

No Whiners

It was another one of those amazing weeks!! Elder Pickett and I scheduled two exchanges this week.  As we pondered and prayed about who should go where, we both felt like I should go to the other area on both exchanges.  It was pretty crazy being away from Eastgate for so long, but I loved being able to get to know other missionaries and learn how to implement what they are doing in my own area. For example President Welch has been talking a lot lately about engaging with members to find people to teach.  80% of baptisms are from member referrals, so we know that the best way to baptize is through working members. This last Zone Conference President talked about encouraging members to set a date by which they could have someone be taught in their home.  To me as well as a lot of other missionaries this was an intimidating task, but we saw that it would help the members be accountable to the timetable and goal that they set between them and God. On an exchange this week I talked to an Elder about this concern and he was able to give me a lot of great advice on how to make it less intimidating.  We were then able to role play it!
On Sunday Elder Pickett and I got the confidence to test it out.  After a dinner appointment we shared a message from Ether 2 and then extended the invitation to pray about a date by which they could have someone be taught in their home. The members were a little taken back by the invite,  but graciously accepted as we bore our testimonies about the blessings of sharing the gospel. After was said and done one of the members asked for 2 copies of the Book of Mormon and said he was going to pass both of them out!
I am extremely grateful to be able to learn from others around me.  I am grateful God puts people in our path to teach us what's most important in life and how to implement those things!
Saturday was Tyler's baptism!!  After much confusion and a level 2 snow emergency the past weeks we were able to finally have it! It was so awesome.  Tyler, who is a 10 year old boy who is living with his grandparents who are members, went around to all his neighbors and invited each of them to his baptism.  He is such a nice and personable kid that a lot of them showed up!  There were close to 70 people there, about 40 were non-members! Right before the baptism Tyler came up to me and said, "Elder Johnson, I want to introduce you to all of my friends. "The baptism was great and the spirit was defiantly there!  After the baptism Tyler was able to Video call Elder Adsit who was my companion right before he got baptized.  It was great to see both of their smiles as they talked about how far Tyler has come in the Gospel!
I love being a missionary and learning to love those around me!  I know that sharing the Gospel is one of the best ways to deepen our own conversion.  I know that the happiness that is promised in Preach my Gospel has come as I have shared the Gospel!
Love you all!
Elder Johnson


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