August 14, 2017


Montgomery, Ohio


Elder Erickson

The Infamous Field

8715 Harpers Point Dr. #B

Cincinnati, OH 45429

Hey Y'all!!

It has been a while I feel like, but I made here to Ohio. I am in Montgomery Ohio and I have not seen some much green in my entire life!!! When I first arrived here... I learned over to one of the elders and I said, "this might be a little far fetched, but I think it looks a lot like Hawaii!" And he said he was thinking the same thing!!! To bad we are not even close to an ocean!!

The day before we left was Sunday... and Elder Bednar came and answered questions for us!! It was super cool!!! but he didn't end until like 11 so I was exhausted for the next couple of days!!

The first day we didn't do much at all and the second was similar until about 2.... thats when we were assigned our companions and were told where were going to be serving! Then we went straight to the apartment... and I found out that we are being "Doubled In" or in other words neither my companion or I have ever been in this area so it was pretty crazy finding the people we are supposed to teach! After we got everything organized we started finding people... and I did my first door approach.... which went something like this

"Hey.... I have come like..."

*looks at companion, He nods*

"super far away.... to talk to you"

She says, "Just to talk to me!! What happened!"

me, "Oh.... No nothing happened... we just wanted to share the gospel with you!"

Her, "Yeah.... no not interested, I am 45 (She was more like 60) but you two are really cute though... so you can come back."

Companion, "No thanks"


Super crazy!!

The second day was Bomb!!!!

We taught a guy named Joe he was referral from a member and he has a tough life! But he was eating it all up! which was super cool!

Then we taught a guy named Dre who played football in college at UC... and he has guarded Chad Johnson.... so we got a long really well! we street contacted him the day before, but he also loved learning about the gospel as well!

Skipping a few days but... throughout the week I was just kinda following everything my trainer was doing and not doing much myself but towards the end of tracting on Saturday I got the strongest impression to knock on this little brown house door... but I kind of brushed it off and we kept walking... then when we were about a block away I turned to my companion and said we need to go back and knock on that door... so we did.... and the lady ended
up being super nice and she had already met with the missionaries a little bit but she has no interest in being baptized.... but she gave us some good referrals... and then she took us inside and showed us some of the Whitetail Deer her husband had shot!! It was super cool cuz it was just the thing i needed to keep my confidence up!!

Also yesterday we went to church and the bathroom was flooded so they just canceled 2nd and 3rd hour... I have never heard anything like it.... but I guess that just meant I didn't have to teach Gospel Principles!

So many things have happened this week and these are just the small ones!!


If you are even thinking just a little bit about going on a mission, start preparing and JUST DO IT!! You will grow so much and you won't regret it!!


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