August 21, 2017


Montgomery, Ohio


Elder Erickson

Group email

WOW! What a week!

It all started last P day about a week ago exactly!! One of our investigators (Jimmy who was a former but we felt prompted to go meet him) called us out of no where and was like, "Elders!! we have to meet earlier. I have to talk to you!!"

So we met him at the church cuz he is kind of embarrassed of his house. The lesson we taught went super, super well!! We taught the Restoration (Again, cuz he has already had all the lessons... but hasn't been baptized) I told him about how the priesthood was one of the things that Joseph Smith had restored to earth then told him that without the priesthood baptism doesn't mean anything. Then at the end of the lesson he started to mumble something and we weren't sure what he said... then I heard him say, "when can I be baptized"

And I was like.... What in the world! where did that come from! I was super pumped... We told him he needed to start following the W.O.W. and he could be baptized September 2nd. He then told us, "That is not soon enough, something might happen." He wouldn't tell us what might happen so we told him September 2nd was the day.

The next day we met with him for a little bit and he was super stressed about something going on in Virginia... (Not sure what) so we told him he could meet with one of the members and discuss this issue. That meeting was a little rough cuz the members were talking about a lot of deep doctrine... but it still ended pretty well.

We had been trying to keep daily contact with him, but he wouldn't call back so one night we called him and he told us that he didn't want to get baptized anymore... We had a long convo with him and he was saying some super strange things but I know he will have another opportunity to accept the gospel.

Someone once told me... the mission can be just like hunting sometimes... you get with in 100 yards of a nice big deer with your bow and then they get spooked and run away... but they will come back eventually... just like an investigator, they seem super ready and they are really close to becoming converted, when all of the sudden they get spooked!

I had my first rain storm this week!!!! We were out looking for a less active and all of the sudden it just starts pouring rain!!! It was pretty funny cuz we were walking down a busy street just smiling! People were giving us some crazy looks, but the whole time we were just saying, "Wife points" Cuz I guess you get wife points when you do something people wouldn't normally do!!

This whole week we tracted a lot cuz a lot of appointments fell through and we are still getting to know the area... Wednesday night we were totally exhausted. We were driving home feeling kind of down cuz we had no success then we get a call from a member and they tell us they have an investigator for us to teach!! God knew how much we sacrificed that day and he rewarded us big time!!

I love meeting all the people here in Ohio! One guy we met is a 50 year member who works at Staples and absolutely loves the missionaries... He goes by the name G-storm... and if you call him anything different he gets mad. He has been begging us to take him out tracting and he would feed us but we have been super busy, but we took him out one night and he loved it! He did not stop smiling!!

Kind of long email... but honestly it wasn't even half of what happened! I love it here and I am growing a lot spiritual!

-We met a lady who wanted us to cast out the devil

-I sung with 5 other missionaries at stake conference

-met an absolutely crazy lady!

-taught a lot of cool lessons

-saw a ton of cute dogs


More info this week from parents email:

Dre: Super chill guy, but he goes to a different church he committed to read the BOM and he was the first person I recited the first vision to... his little kids are so cute, and they mean the world to him. If he will read the BOM with an open heart then I know that he will know of the church is true.
Joe: Joe is a super good guy and I can he wants to change but I'm going to guess he is going to have some trouble with the w.o.w.. We saw him today cuz he works at our apartments and he told us that his phone hasn't been working so hopefully we can get to meet with him this week
Norma: we met Norma looking for a Less Active in kind of a sketchy part of town (not very sketchy areas in our area though) she was super open with us and she wanted to know about spirits (she is native American) I told her about the pre-mortal life and she believed what we were saying... then she goes on to tell us that someone did some crazy things next door and she feels like the devil is resideing in here home so she wanted us to come back to cast it out... so we told her to come to stake conference and then we would go to her house and do that. she and her young daughter wanted to come to church really bad but they didn't make it and when we stopped by they were not home.

I am doing really well. I feel good and I'm getting a good nights rest. i honestly love going to bed at night and realizing how productive i was that day!

Favorite part of the mission so far is honestly seeing how much I can change in just a short amount of time!... but I am sure that willl change once I am done training... then I can focus on investagators and their needs more

Hardest part is lessons just cuz I am not totally confiedent on teaching them and transitoning to each point of the lesson... but I will get it.


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