August 28, 2017


Montgomery, Ohio


Elder Erickson

Crazy Week

We did a ton of tracting this week cuz... the sisters that were in the area were teaching a lot of people that did not want to listen to the message at all!... so tons and tons of walking!! But I loved it!! Rain or shine we are out there... one day it rained and we were just straight soaked but we didn't care we were walking down the road just laughing and smiling all day while people were whizzing by and honking their horns at us!! I guess you have to find Joy in all things that you do!!

Funny story for the week

So friday...I think... we were knocking on doors and we decided we would knock on every door with some type of animal outside of it or on it... the third door in had the cutest lab outside of it so we went and pet it then knocked on the door... no one answered... the next door was wide open with a red door so we knocked it... we saw someone inside but they avoided us... the next one had a little dog outside just yapping... so we start walking up to the door... and the dog starts following us (it is on a chain) it would run super fast and then get caught on its chain and fly backwards! It was funny. We decided this was the last door before we go to lunch so we thought... "hey last door on the street they have to answer and maybe they will want us to teach them.." so I get to the side walk right before their door and the dog is still following us... I go down to pet it and its still to far away so I move up closer... all the while it is yapping at us... when I get with in reach of it, it nipps at my pant leg and kind of tears it... so I move my scriptures in front of it to block it from biting me then I go down to pet it again and it bites my leg!!!! Like what the heck.... I now have trust issues with dogs...
to make things worse no one answered the door!


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