January 7, 2019


Eastgate Ohio


Elder Pickett


This week was full of miracles!!  I love being a missionary and sorry mom... I am never coming home! ;)
Last week was full of ups and downs! We were able to put Tyler Strunk on date for January 20th, But a couple days Sammy Holton, who was on date for the 19th got Anti-ed and didn't want to meet with us anymore!
As for this week, it seemed as though we never started to dip down.  We were always happy and on the top!
Thursday we went to the Strunks to teach Tyler.  Tyler is Brother and Sister Strunks grandson.  The Strunks have been taking care of him for a bit, because of a crazy situation.  He is a very sincere and kind hearted kid.  Sometimes I ask myself, "Does he really get it?" or "Is he wanting to be baptized just for his grandparents?"  All of these questions were resolved when we taught him on Thursday.  When we walked in to the house Tyler came running up to us, excited to tell us about his conversation he had with his parents.  (He had to talk with them in order to get permission to be baptized)  We told him to relax and then started with a prayer.  After the prayer he began in, by telling us exactly what he told his parents. His dad pulled him a side and asked him if he really wanted to be baptized, or if he was just doing it because of Grandma and Grandpa. He said to his dad, "I am a good boy dad.  I know that Jesus loves me and so does God.  I want to live with my Heavenly Father again, so I know I need to be baptized!  I also want the Holy Ghost to be with me always!" His dad was shocked with this answer and had no problem with him being baptized! As he relayed this story to me I felt the Spirit testify to me about how much God loves His children.  Especially Tyler!
On Sunday I was fasting specifically for Kevin to receive; an answer that the Book of Mormon is True and that Sammy would remember the spirit he felt as he read and learned about the Book of Mormon.  After Church we messaged Sammy (Who we hadn't had hardly any contact with, because he had been anti-ed)  and he messaged back quickly by telling us he had went to the 12 o'clock ward! I was so excited!! I know that God answers prayers! This is His work!
Love you all!
Elder Johnson


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