December 17, 2018


Eastgate Ohio


Elder Adsit

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Wow its already Monday!!  I don't even remember what happened this week!!  The time is going way to fast, but I am enjoying every minute of it!!
Today we had an awesome experience while shopping. During the Christmas season I have noticed a lot of people not being super open to listening to us because they are to busy!!  It has kind of made me upset because everyone seemed to be missing the point of Christmas!! Today we were wandering around Burlington... and then Elder Adsit and I found some sweet ties.  Before we went to the check out line I couldn't help but recognize everyone in the store running around getting their last minute shopping done.  They were moving so fast that they wouldn't even be able recognize, if they wanted to, 2 young men 2,000 miles away from home sharing a message about Christ that would make someone more happy than a lame sweater or a small toy car. These thoughts were swirling around in my mind when I went up to the check out line.  The Cashier began to talk with us and asked what our plans were for Christmas.  We told her who we were and what we did.  She was so impressed and began to tell us how humbled she was to be talking with us. While we were talking I could feel eyes on us. It seemed like when people heard who we were they suddenly slowed done for a second. Then out of no where we heard a lady from behind us say, "Sorry I am a nosey person and I heard you say something about Jesus.  What was that?"  As we began to talk to her about what we do as missionaries, she began to become a little teary-eyed and expressed her appreciation for what we do.  She told us about a tragedy that had happened to her around this time of year and how God helped her through it. As we walked away I heard the cashier and her began to talk about the true meaning of Christmas!
It sure doesn't feel like Christmas here in Ohio. The grass is greener than Utah's grass will ever be. There is no snow on the ground and the temperature is around 40 degrees. Now with that bring said I have never been more in the Christmas spirit. Giving one of the greatest gifts ever, the knowledge of the true meaning of Christmas and the restoration if His gospel!
Love you all! Elder Johnson


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