December 10, 2018


Eastgate Ohio


Elder Adsit

Keep it 100

It was another great week!! On Saturday I went on exchanges to Cherry Grove and was able to do a baptismal interview for a guy named Tim.  I love being apart of those interviews and hearing the stories of how these individuals have accepted the gospel! After the interview we went to a recent converts house and taught him the new member lessons.  The guys name is Ben and he understands the gospel better than just about any recent convert I have ever met.  We were teaching him about agency and why it was so important that we have the ability to choose.  We then began to talk a little bit about how even when we choose wrong and turn away from God, He still comes to look for us and bring us back to the fold. After we talked about that Ben says, "Christ always keeps it 100"  I was a little confused about his comment so I asked him what he meant.  He then said, "He leaves the 99 to go after the 1 in order to keep it 100". That statement is very true.  He cares about us so much that even when we have made mistakes and we feel like we don't measure up, or we don't feel like we can turn to God, He is searching for us.  He has left the 99 and won't stop his search until he has found us.
Also during this exchanges, we were walking past an apartment complex and Elder Kouldeka said that he and his companion had helped a lady move into one of the apartments.  I asked what her name was and he told me.  The name I recognized instantly.  It was a member of our ward that the sisters had been trying to get in contact with. After I told him about this we decided to stop in.The lady wasn't home, but her non-member son was and we were able to talk with him.  He had investigated the church in the past, but had a small run in with the bishop which turned him away from the church. (No ones perfect) He talked about this incident for awhile.  When he was talking the scripture from 2Nephi 2:1-2 came to my mind. In this verse, Lehi is talking to his son Jacob.  Jacob has suffered a lot of things in his life.  He was born in the wilderness and probably suffered from fatigue, hunger, and much more from an early age.  It doesn't tell us specifically what trials he went through because he was in the wilderness, but instead it tells us that he suffered afflictions, "because of the rudeness of (his) brothers".The hardship of going through the wilderness was an inward battle that seemed small compared to his things that his brothers did to him.  Things that he had no control over.  Things that were based off the agency of others. The next verse tells us that because Jacob knew the greatness of God, He would consecrate his afflictions for his gain. Because Jacob was obedient to God commandments and endured his trials well, including trials that he had no control over, he was blessed. There will always be Laman and Lemuels in our life that make mistakes and in turn make our life harder, but when we put God first those trials we go through will be consecrated for our gain.
I know that God is merciful and loves His children.  He has a plan for us and He wants us to reach our divine potential.  When we rely on him in our trials then he will make all things possible and bless us more than we can comprehend!
Remember Christ keeps it 100 and so should you.  Go and help him find his lost sheep.


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