December 3, 2018


Eastgate Ohio


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Re: Y'all need Jesus

All in All, it was a great week!  I was able to go on exchanges with two of my favorite elders in the mission! Elder Weaver and my previous companion Elder Cutler!!  (Pictures on the Drive)
On those exchanges we saw a lot of miracles.
On Tuesday I went with Elder Weaver to Montgomery (The area I was trained in).  It was a pretty cold day and snowed for most of it.  We were biking all day! In the Morning we biked to an area and began to walk around and knock on doors, but no one was home!  It was kind of funny, because I remember walking down these very streets and knocking on the exact same doors. We walked past a house in particular that we would always park our car by.  A year ago it was abandoned.  It was a pretty gross house.  On the outside column there used to be some "grafitti" that said "Yall need Jesus". When we walked past it this time it was really clean.  There was even a car outside!!  I looked to the front porch and saw a bunch of little flip flops! There were toys out front and a couple bikes.

A little while later we got a call from some sisters that said they had a referral for us.  Excited we asked for the address and realized we were already in the area, so we decided to stop in. We began to look for the house, walking up and down the streets we had already walked.  Then I realized that we were on the "Yall need Jesus" street.  I jokingly thought to myself, what if it's the same house.  Sure enough it was. We knocked on the door and a little Micronesian mom came out and talked with us!

Now back in my area. Saturday we had a lesson with a 10 year boy.  His grandparents are members and they just got full custody of them.  They haven't been parents in over 25 years, so they are really stressed out about it.  They want there Grandson to learn and accept the gospel, but everything on there plate is stressing them out.  Nonetheless they keep inviting us over for lessons, because they know how important the gospel is. We taught their grandson Tyler about Gratitude and thanking God for things.  We all wrote on a piece of paper a bunch of things we were grateful for and then afterwards we shared them.  As the grandparents listened to Tyler share the things he was grateful for they began to weep.  The spirit had comforted them and told them they were doing a good job.  They continued to weep as they read their things they were grateful for! We committed them to tell God the things they were grateful for that night during their personal prayers.  They were very appreciative of that commitment. As we left the Grandma came up to us and thanked us for bringing the spirit in their home.  She told us that by just having us in their home she was able to distress a little bit.  I didn't think we did anything out of the ordinary.  We just did what we were called to do!
I know the Spirit teaches and comforts us.  I know God is in the details of our lives!  He watches out for us and will continue to watch out for us!  I know that the Gospel was restored to the earth today.  The Spirit has born witness of this to me and comforted me by telling me this is true.
Love you all! Elder Johnson


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