September 4, 2017


Montgomery, Ohio


Elder Erickson

Cinci-Nasty or The Nasty-Natty

Address: 8715 Harpers Point Dr #B Cincinnati, OH 45429

So before I start out I will explain my subject line... There is this guy named G-storm in our ward... he is a 55 year old who loves Missionaries!! He asks us to "hang out" all the time! But when we go and teach with him he has the same
conversations every time!!! it is hilarious!... Whenever we bring up Cincinnati he always says, "don't you mean Cinci-Nasty or The Nasty-Natty"... I think it is hilarious just cuz Cincinnati isn't even bad!! He is a super cool guy though... he takes us to dinner every Saturday and just straight spoils us!!

Now on to the spiritual side!

We had zone conference on Tuesday which was super spiritual and cool... then on Wednesday we had New Missionary Training... which was really good as well! But we didn't have much time to do any proselyting or anything like that. On Thursday we had all day to go and talk to people... The week before we couldn't get ahold of anyone... but this week we prayed and fasted really hard to be able to talk to some new people! On Wednesday night a guy from Arizona called and gave us a referral... (super cool story if you want to hear about it email me)... but we kind of overbooked our night on Thursday so we had three lessons in 2 hours on oppisite sides of town... The first one was with the Reinharts... they are a pretty young family and really active we taught them a lesson the week before and it went amazing! The spirit was really strong (if you want to hear that story... email me) but they were not home this week... which made it easier on us.... so then went to our next appointment with Dre... Idk if I have talked about Dre in the past but... he is a super cool guy who has a strong testimony of prayer... we met him knocking doors the first week i was here... but we taught him about the importance of the Book of Mormon. It was awesome! I broke down and bore a sincere testimony about how the Book of Mormon has blessed my life! Then I told him not to take my word for it... he can find out on his own if the Book is true... he just had to read it and ask God! He really loved that cuz it made it seem like we weren't telling him how to think... we were just telling him how he can find out if its true.

Our next lesson with the Referal fell through with a bang.... We knocked on the door and she told us to go away... but Oh well!

Also this week I went on my first exchange... it was pretty good... I was leading out the area... which is pretty scary... but then we found out the GPS doesn't work, so I had to get around all off of memory!! It was super scary but really
good for me and being able to take the lead and gain confidence!

I love this Gospel! I know that the BOM is the word of God and one can come closer to God by just reading it! Since the BOM is the word of God I know that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ.... therefore he was called of God and this Church is the ONLY true church on the earth! Because the BOM is true I know that God loves his Children... he loves each one of us and wants us to come to know him... I challenge each one of you to get to know your Heavenly Father more personally... whether its by praying more, repenting, or by Reading the scriptures! I know if you will do this then you will have more guidance in your life becuase the Holy Ghost will be with you!

I love all of you!!!

Here is the story of Arizona:

We got a interesting referral this week. We got told by the Norwood Elders to call some guy who had a referral for us. He is from Arizona and just here for some work stuff idk, but he had gotten a ton of free books that he was gonna take to Goodwill to donate them and found a letter inside of one of the books. It was written 14 years ago by a little girl to the Author of the book and was never sealed. He felt that he should take the letter back to the sender, so he did. He came to the Wu's house hold and Mrs. Wu answered the door. Turns out the little girl that had wrote the letter passed away from Brain cancer 11 years ago. He asked us to go over and share the Plan of Salvation with the family. We went as soon as we could a couple days later with a member that has a similar experience, but she wasn't too interested in talking. We did get the chance to leave her with a plan of salvation pamphlet.

She wasn't interested but it was a blessing in disguise cuz we were able to get this Member to the lesson with Dre! which helped a ton!!

I'll tell you Rienharts next week... remind me!


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