September 18, 2017


Montgomery, Ohio


Elder Erickson

Caution: Real spiritual

Pretty crazy week!

So on the 14th I was struggling a little bit, not going to lie. I had this crazy question. All my life I wondered how do I gain faith with out having to go through something traumatic!! It seems in the scriptures every time someone gains a testimony they go through something really hard... but how do I gain a testimony with out going through something hard!

An example I gave Elder Erikson when I asked him this question was the sons of Alma... they saw an angel and then they had testimonies... he told me somthing that will change my life forever!

He said "It may seem like they learned a lot during that experience but in reality all they learned was God Loves them and that they need to repent. Later Alma says "for they were men of a sound understanding and they had searched the scriptures diligently, that they might know the word of God."

Who would of thought that after someone has seen an angel they would still have to Diligently search the scriptures! Now I know how to gain a stronger testimony without going through something hard... and that is by diligently searching the scriptures and praying

Sorry this is not even close to the amazingness that happened this week! We went to the Zoo today so we had no time to email.

The letter below was sent by mail:

September 18, 2017

Dear whoever is reading this,

My last P-day email was very brief so I thought it would be a good idea to send a letter for an update.

This P-day was super hectic. We woke up at 6:30 cleaned and studied until 8:00. Then did a super short trip to Krogers (the grocery store). Then ran (drove actually) to Sister Krymiskis’ house to put a load of laundry in. (She is the ward missionary and her husband is in the mission presidency.). They are so nice to us (older couple maybe 60-70’s). All of this took place before 9:00 AM. Afterwards we drove to Norwood Ohio to meet with the Norwood Spanish Elders to go to the zoo! The zoo was awesome!

We watched a Cheetah run and saw Harambe’s exhibit…..but don’t talk about Harambe at the zoo or else people get mad. After the zoo we went to a zone fun day at a members house that lives in Cherry Grove. It started at 2:00 and ended about 3:30. We then tried to fly home and get haircuts. We got to Sports Clip at 4:00 and left at 4:30. We then had to travel about 5 miles to the church which should take about 10 minutes or less, but we were on a one lane street with lots of people, so we got there at 4:50. We then emailed until 6:00…..which gave me a chance to write and send one email! Afterwards we went proselyting until curfew! Very crazy day!

So sorry I was not able to read all of your emails….I only skimmed Hannah’s, but I kind of realized my email seemed kind of negative which is not what I wanted.

This week was one of the most spiritual weeks of the mission! Tuesday we taught Justin (he is a referral from Bro. Stevens, who is also a ward missionary. Younger couple low 30’s). The lesson was on the “Gospel of Jesus Christ”. I was super nervous for it, because I had only been a part of this lesson once and I am supposed to extend a date for baptism. We prayed to know what date in October would be best…We were both thinking the 21st. The lesson went amazing! By the end I invited him to be baptized…but I said on October 7th because I was nervous, but then I thought …”This is a good thing, it gives him more desire”. He said that he would ask / tell his girlfriend….It then brought up he is moving to Chicago soon, so we will teach up until then and then pass him on.

Wednesday we do a scripture study with the Montgomery sisters and the was supposed to teach, but no one showed up (blessing)…but Kevin O’Donnell a less active who we have been talking to told us he wasn’t coming and that he doesn’t want us to talk to him any more (paraphrased). So I was super sad about that. (He was baptized at about 7 years ago when he was 17. He tried to commit suicide, but failed and was left not being able to use his legs, and needs to gospel!)

Friday was tough. I was on exchanges with Elder Blanchard and this was his last week so he didn’t have much motivation, but part way through the day I asked a guy on the street if he wanted a card from our church, he said “No, but you need to talk to my son.” I turned to Elder Blanchard when we left, and said, “We are about to get anti-ed are we?” He said “yeah probably.” Instead it kind of turned into a Bible bash. I didn’t know what to say because he was asking trick questions (Alma11-Alma 13ish) and he was directing the conversation directly at me because I was the younger one. Thank goodness for my study’s this week or else my testimony possibly could have been shaken (refer to my email). I know that God directed me this past week in my studies…He arms us before the battle just like he armed me before this “battle”.

Saturday was the Montgomery’s investigators baptism for Alice. We are not aloud to go unless an investigator is there from us. We could not get anyone to this thing! But right before we were about to give up Elder Erikson said “text Kevin O’ Donnell.” So I did and invited him to it and he actually went! (Since he is not an investigator we still couldn’t go). He texted us later and said he loved the baptism and he realized he need to go back to church!! He quit his job and everything so he could go! I know he was the reason I was supposed to be here this transfer. I love that guy!

Other news:

- Elder Erikson is being transferred to East Gate to be a Zone Leader so that’s sad, but I am excited to get kind of a fresh start with Elder Dryer. I am still in Montgomery. (This means a new trainer which is unusual)

- Also Thank you for the rain jacket

Funny quote from Kevin O’ Donnell about G-Storm (our member friend) “I need an umbrella to protect me from the storm.” – funny because G-Storm loves talking to Kevin and Kevin just kind of sits there.

I love you all and I am praying for you all!! I hope you have a great week. I can’t wait to read your emails next week.

You can send this letter / share this letter with anyone who wants an update or could benefit from it. I sent 2 emails on P-Day.

I love you,

Elder Johnson


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