November 19, 2018


Eastgate Ohio


Elder Adsit

Spiritual Referrals

Wow such an awesome week!! My new companion is Elder Adsit.  He is from Provo Utah and is awesome!!

I am just going to jump into story time because I don't have a ton of time. On Friday we had about 45 minutes before we had to leave for a dinner appointment.  We decided we would make the most of it by going and visiting a referral that was sent about 2 years ago.  We got out of the car and made the journey towards this guys house.  After a few blocks we realized that this guys house does not exist! We decided instead of going back to the car we would call him and see if we could get his real address.  We did but the number didn't work...Discouraged, we decided to head back.  Right as we were about to leave we both had a thought that we should knock on the door across the street. We decided that a prompting from the Holy Ghost is one of the best referrals we could receive, so we began to walk across the street.  (Almost got hit by car, but that's a story for another day.). As we approached the house we realized it was one of the most run down houses in the neighborhood.  There were a few windows that had cardboard on them, there were tires everywhere, and best of all there was a toilet in the front yard with weeds growing out of.  (Found out later they weren't weeds, but really ugly flowers). We knocked and a guy came to the door and told us that he was cooking dinner and didn't have time, but wanted us to come back.  Even though he didn't have time we ended up talking to him for about 15 minutes and found out that he was going through a tough time. It didn't end there.  We went back Sunday night and talked with him on his porch.  He told us that he knows God is real, because he won't leave us alone.  We asked him why he believes that and he told us that the day we knocked on the door was one of the toughest days this year!  He and his wife prayed and asked that God would send comfort.  15 minutes later we knocked on his door. He is looking for positivity in his life and was very grateful for our visits. #PrayForAsh

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