September 25, 2017


Montgomery, Ohio


Elder Dreyer

God's Love Is Real!

Hey Y'all,

It has been a crazy week. Tuesday was transfers and I am still in Montgomery, but Elder Erikson is now in Eastgate... It was pretty sad to see him go but that is alright.

My new second half trainer.... Drum roll please.... is Elder Dreyer he is from Nampa Idaho... He is a super hard worker and loves setting goals, which is awesome!

Since I was in Montgomery last transfer and he wasn't I had to lead out the area... which was super scary, cuz I have no idea where anything is. We set a goal to find 5 people this week... and for some weird reason no one wanted to listen to us. But we kept at it all week. I have been praying a ton in order to find some people to reach that goal... the answer to my prayer didn't come until Friday. We had been knocking on wood all day and it was really hot and humid, so I was exhausted. About 7 pm we started to set up some appointments for next week and by 8:30 we had set up 4 appointments for Tuesday... Usually by 8:30 people start getting cranky so we thought about heading home but then we decided to knock on a few more.... the next door we knocked on was a girl named Autumn she is a girl about 20 years old and I asked her if we could share a message with her... and surprisingly she said yeah go ahead... It really caught me off guard, so I almost turned around to leave when I realized what she said!... We ended up teaching her the Restoration and she really enjoyed it... she said that she has kind of felt like Joseph Smith in the way she wants to know what is true....

A lot of people I feel like can really relate to Joseph Smith... because they are all looking for the truth and the only way that they can find it is by asking God if it true.... we can tell people what is true and what is not but they don't have to believe us... they have to find out for themselves!

A lot of really cool other experiences happened towards the end of the week!

I know God Loves us he gave us his only begotten Son and He knows us perfectly... he knows exactly what we are going through and he wants us to turn to him so he can help us!

I love all of you but more importantly God loves you!

Elder Johnson


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