October 2, 2017


Montgomery, Ohio


Elder Dreyer

What does the Easter Bunny do?

Tuesday was our first exchange... so I went to Milford with Elder Carter... When we get there we both realized that we don't have permission to drive yet!!! Therefore we are going to be walking all day!

We make plans and then fill up some water for our day. I then put the water bottle on my belt... man I looked like a weirdo!

We walked pretty much on a freeway for like 2 miles as people fly by flipping us off and yelling stuff at us! It was hilarious!! We then knock on a former investigators door and for some weird reason he let us right in!! We then go on to teach him the gospel of Jesus Christ! It was an awesome lesson!! Pretty close to the end of the lesson I had an impression to invite him to be baptized... but he hasn't been taught in like 2 months and also this isn't my area... so I didn't know what to do!... I decided to act on the prompting and I asked him to be baptized on the 21st... He then said that he would!! It was so cool!!! And such a great experience.

A little bit later we were in an apartment complex and I saw a kid playing basketball outside. Our appointment fell through so I told Elder Carter that I was going to go out jump this guy... so picture this Me (Elder Johnson, 5'9....maybe, in Ecco church shoes, slacks, white shirt, and tie) walks up to this brown kid... maybe 5'10 sophomore, baller... and I say, "do you think you can out jump me" The kid says, "Psshhh yes!" Long story short... I out jumped him and he took a card from our church! Yes I still am very humble!

Man after watching conference I just had an overwhelming feeling that God loves each of his children, no matter what they are doing or where they are! If we are going down the wrong path then God loves us enough to help us change, he gave his son so that this can happen! He also gave us the Book of Mormon to help us feel closer to him! If you want to know if this gospel is true all you have to do is read the Book of Mormon, ponder the message it contains, and then ask God the eternal father in the name of Christ if it is true. I know that he will give you an answer, just as he has given me, because he loves ALL of his children. It almost feels to easy to me, but just like when the people of Moses (I believe) had to just look then they would live. I can be that easy... If you are struggling with your testimony Read The Book of Mormon!!

Love y'all! Send me an email if you want! Hopefully you loved conference!

Elder Johnson


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