October 9, 2017


Montgomery, Ohio


Elder Dreyer

Warning: Long email... Worth the read

HEY Y'all!

Love to hear from y'all so shoot me an email!

Well, this week was pretty crazy... but I wanted to tell an experience that happened to me last transfer...

Well it all started (What a great way to start a story) like the 2nd day of the transfer, and like my 3rd day in Ohio... We were trying to find a few Less Active members so we decided to call this guy named Kevin. He answered and told us that he actually really wanted to start coming back to church! (If I have already told this story you are more than welcome to skip down to something more entertaining) So we drove over to his new address and gave him a spiritual message then invited him to church. He said he would come... but didn't! We then asked him the next week why he didn't come and he told us that he is part of a clergy at a different church... (pause, yes go ahead and look up clergy) He also said he works on Sundays so he won't be able to make it to church ever. We decided to invite him to our scripture study class and he came the first two weeks, but the 3rd week he texted us and said "Hey guys I will not ever be attending the Mormon church because it would be like social suicide" We were both very upset because he is such a great guy. That next Saturday we had a prompting that we should invite him to attend the sisters Baptism for one of their investigators and surprisingly he went!! Later that day we had just got the door slammed in our face and been anti-ed then out of no where we get a text from Kevin Saying "Hey Brothers, I went to the baptism and I felt the Holy Ghost so strongly. It reminded me of my baptism".... "I Just called the Clergy and my job and I will be quitting this week to be able to attend the Mormon church!" I broke down into tears right there in the middle of the road!! (I never new why people cried about spiritual things until my mission) Kevin showed more faith than I have ever seen or had! He really did give up a lot because he knew that this church is true. His parents hate him and Anti him everyday, his friends have shunned him, and he no longer has a job, but he has something much better back in his life and that is the Gospel... This Wednesday he was the only non-missionary at scripture study class and as I taught the class he kept bringing up such amazing and inspirational things! I love this guy to death, He is such an inspiration to me!!

Well if I have already shared this story here is another cool story, cuz I am literally on ​a mission so I am full of amazing miracle type stories!

So the beginning of this transfer I told Elder Dreyer, "The only thing I want this transfer is to find someone that WANTS to talk to us!" (Do you see how this story is going to end) So the other day we had an appointment that fell through so we knocked a few doors and met this guy named Bobby. He let us right in!!! Elder Dreyer had to go to the bathroom so bad so he asked him out of the blue if he could us the bathroom (<-side note but kind of relevant) So while he was in the bathroom i just started to talk to Bobby, He has had a super rough life and he hasn't made it any easier on himself... As we talked he opened right up and litterally told me everything... He has 3 boys and he said that the reason he wants to change his life around is because of them! My parents sent out some family pictures this week so I decided to show him those pictures and talk about how important families are and how we can be with them forever!! By the end of the lesson we invited him to General conference and he said he would come. He also said we could come back whenever! He ended up coming to the church for General conference but saw everyone dressed up all nice and he felt like he was going to be judged because of his past so he didn't come!!! I felt so bad cuz Church isn't a place to show off how smart you are or how much you know God, Church is for people that are looking to change, because no matter how Good of a person you are you can always become better. Well back to the story when we heard this we decided to get him some stuff for church so hopefully he ends up coming to church! He still wants us to keep coming and talking with him whenever we have a free moment, so that was an answer to my prayer that we were able to find someone super cool who WANTS to talk to us!

I hope everyone is doing awesome. This week I got the nerve to go up and share my testimony during sacrament... I don't know why, but I get so nervous speaking in front of people, but I do know that by sharing my testimony it is strengthened! I challenge all of you to bare your testimony as frequently as possible. I know the The Book of Mormon is not only true, but it is the word of God. It is the most correct of any Book on the earth

I know that through the atonement of Jesus Christ all mankind can be saved through obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel. God loves each and everyone of you... he knows you perfectly. So don't you think if that is the case he would answer your questions if you have them. Ask God if something is true. And if you have already done this be patient, maybe even ask him in a different way. But I know that God answers our prayers

Sorry if this was a little long... send me your thoughts on it, I don't have Mrs. Muir here to check my grammar and stuff... probably a good thing though

Love all of you!

Elder Johnson


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