October 16, 2017


Montgomery, Ohio


Elder Dreyer

Heathen Days?

Man pretty crazy week! (Do I say that every email?)

It started out pretty slow. We had Zone Conference on Tuesday which was amazing! I really learned a ton and was really called to repentance on a few things... which I am really glad that happened! After Zone Conference President Welch told us we need to go help clean out another apartment, so we ended up getting a bunch of random food and stuff so that's awesome! But we ended up missing an appointment with a new investigator so I was a little bit upset about that, but we were able to talk to him later.

Wednesday we knocked on a ton of doors... and literally not a soul was home!!! Later that night we had a lesson with Justin at brother Stevens house and it went amazing... We taught the Word of Wisdom and committed him to live it... He said he would despite the fact that he is a drinker and loves coffee and tea... I know there is no way that he would be this faithful if it wasn't for brother Stevens and being a great example to Justin and inviting him to meet with the missionaries. He ended up coming to church this week and had a great experience and he was really into it... He answered questions and I was just amazed by the faith he has had in just the short time we have been meeting with him.... Oh yeah and Brother Stevens and Justin have been waking up at 5:15 to ready the scriptures. They will send each other texts each morning to make sure they reading!

Thursday we made plans to help a bunch of less actives get to the temple, so hopefully we will be going to the temple on November 18th... Well if I'm still in Montgomery.

Friday and Saturday we realized we hadn't found hardly any new investigators this week, so we focused our efforts on finding.... long story short we found I believe 8 new investigators... so I am pretty pumped to start teaching them!!

Kind of funny story that reminded me a lot of "My Heathen days", So we were talking to a guy a couple weeks ago and then all of the sudden he just started bashing with us!!! I was so upset cuz everything he was saying was completely false...He was even reading out of a Bible that made it "easier" to understand, because he doesn't understand the bible well enough... But he wouldn't even let us tell him what we we believed... so we just bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and then left.... Then come to find out he went over to one of our investigators and told him that we don't know anything about God and we are teaching them False things. Luckily he didn't believe him.

I noticed that, that conversation was really making me upset throughout the weeks. I told this to Elder Dreyer and we both decided that we need to make this guy some cookies... so thats just what we did... We dropped them off at his doorstep and ran away... man the Adrenalin was going crazy!! *Sarcasm Hopefully those cookies soften his heart just enough to not cause any more trouble.

We also found a Tripod for my camera so I think these coming weeks are going to be full of "great pictures"

I know that God wants us to be happy, he doesn't want us to be arguing with people about the things we believe in. If this message is truly from God then you will feel the Happiness that it brings and you cannot feel that Happiness if you are arguing... I feel prompted to write and challenge each of you to try harder this week not to argue with anyone... I know that as you strive for Happiness then the relationships in your life will be closer. If this is a struggle then Pray and ask God for strength to help you!

I would love to hear from y'all, shoot me an email. I may not get back to you but I will read them!

Love Elder Johnson


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