October 23, 2017


Montgomery, Ohio


Elder Dreyer

Service Softens Hearts

This Tuesday we had the opportunity to help a less active lady move. Our purpose in helping her move was to see if she would want to go to the Temple with some other less active members, but she didn't even show up. Her boyfriend was there though and he was extremely grateful that we could help them move.

The next day our appointment fell through while we were in the area of this less active member, so we decided we should stop in and see if we could help her out some more. We knocked on the door and her boyfriend yelled "Who is it?" my companion kind of whispered "Cincinnati PD" Then it just goes completely quiet... then I yell "Just Kidding its the missionaries!" That's when he comes to the door and says, "Wow you scared me"

He then goes on to thank us for the help and we have a good convo. Some how the convo went to what we do as missionaries, I felt prompted to tell him we have a 10 to 15 min message that he would really enjoy... so he let us in. We ended up staying for over an hour getting to know him and talking about a lot of nerdy things which led into a great spiritual lesson about the Restored Gospel. He had a lot of questions about what his Girlfriend believed and we helped clear them up... Man service softens others hearts.

This past week I have been in 3 Nephi, Specifically chapters 9-19. It is so cool to see the faith that the ancient people of America had. I bet it was extremely Joyful for Christ to go from being "hated" in Jerusalem to go to America and have so many people love him. They acted with exact obedience and Christ was so happy about this that he Wept multiple times! I challenge all of you to act with exact obedience to what the Prophets have said or even what your parents say. By doing this you will bring Christ to tears and I promise you that you will see more happiness in your life!

I love you all and want to hear from you!


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