November 6, 2017


New Castle, Indiana


Elder Cutler


Hello from New Castle Indiana, where everyone is dead or almost dead.... totally kidding, sorta.

Before I get into the good stuff I just want to clear something up with Mrs Muir at Salem Hills... in my project last year I got points taken off for not knowing the point of the serpent mound in Ohio, well I found out what it is, and it has a tie to the Gospel. In the Book of Mormon times they would build giant mounds in cool shapes... they were called mound builders... not sure what the mounds are for though yet... My Source is an old Buckeye from Montgomery.

If someone could pass this message on to Mrs. Muir that would be great because I kind of want my points back! ;) ;)

Well everyone keeps asking me what the difference is between where I was (Montgomery Ohio, super rich) to where I am now (New Castle Indiana) The main word I can describe Indiana as, is SLOW. Yep that's right. The cars here are driving the speed limit, and the people here are talking 10 mph under the speed limit. It kind of hurts trying to listen to what they are saying, I guess I am going to have to learn a new language after all!

So I guess the sisters wrecked their car last transfer so the Elders here in New Castle had to give their car to them.... that means we get to use our "lamberfeetys" AKA walking, and riding bikes. After everyday I come home at 9pm and
I just lay down and rub my feet, but then I think of how much more productive I have felt! And we also have the opportunity to talk to a lot more people, which is super exciting!!

On Wednesday we were walking home from the church to go get some lunch and we were walking right past people without even saying a word to them. I justified by saying that they were all on Elder Cutlers side. Then I thought to myself that is not the right attitude!! So I said a little mental prayer asking God to first of all put some one on my side of the sidewalk and give me strength to talk to them... right when I said Amen I looked up and saw a guy totally change his course from Elder Cutler's side to mine. I thought to myself "Wow that was fast" I then stopped him by saying "Hey dude, Would it be alright if we shared a message that is super dear to our hearts about our Savior Jesus Christ" I must of caught Elder Cutler off guard because he was about half way down the block before he turned back around. The guy said "Yes I would love to hear a message" I was super surprised but we were able have a prayer and share a message right then and there! He had just barely gotten out of prison (like 30 mins before) and didn't have his own place so we were not able to set up a return appointment.

Yesterday we had a tornado watch almost all day so we were not able to do any missionary work! I felt useless as we sat inside all day! But I was able to read a ton from the Book Of Mormon! and that was a blessing!

I know that everything happens for a reason, there is no coincidence! I know that this Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is the Lords Kingdom once again established on this earth. We claim that this church is the only true church... I have thought about this statement, most churches won't be so blunt about this, why? because they don't have the evidence to back up this claim, while we do. That evidence is the Book Of Mormon! By knowing it is the Word of God you also know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. He died for us and loves us so much! I know that this is true! I have received a witness from the Holy Ghost and I cannot deny what I have felt. I Love you all... even if I don't know you that well I really hope that you can lean on my testimony for a bit while you try to find yours. Don't give up on yourself, because God is not giving up on you!

Shoot me an email and let me know whats up!

Elder Johnson


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