November 20, 2017


New Castle, Indiana


Elder Cutler

Rain Rain Stay!

Man its hardly even been a minute since I last sent a weekly email (Hoosier Talk)

Well this week was so crazy that I barely even remember what happened!! It rained a ton though!!! When it rains here that means its warm, so it is way better to have it raining then no rain because no rain equals really cold!! (probably doesn't make sense at all, but give me a break I'm tired!:)

On Tuesdays we go to a different church to serve food to the less fortunate. It is pretty fun and we get to meet a lot of interesting people, but no real teaching opportunities have arose from it until last week. We were cleaning up and I complemented a guy on his camo coat (us Rednecks gotta stay together) he nodded and then walked off. He then came back a little bit later and was like "wait you are Mormons right!" and I was like "At your service!"

I then noticed a tattoo on his hand that said he was a Free Mason (Free Masons love Mormons because Joseph Smith was one) I asked him how long he had been a free mason and he said 3 years and that he was the youngest free mason in Indiana at age 24! He then went on to tell me about his life and how he grew up buckin' bails of hay and working! Then out of no where he says, "So what do I need to do to learn more about your church?" We exchanged information and told him we would give him a call!

It is so cool that everything happens for a reason! All we have to do is do our part and then miracles will happen!

I have been studying this past week a little on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Growing up I always understood the importance of the forgiveness part of it, but it wasn't until lately that I have been able to apply Christ's Atonement in giving me strength. I am petrified to talk to people, I am exhausted, I don't know what to expect sometimes.... But through the Atonement of Jesus Christ I am given strength as long as I call on him for help! Because of this strength I don't let a single person walk by me with out talking to him for a second or so, Because of this strength I don't fall asleep while riding my bike and I am able to have a smile on my face all day long, because of this strength I am able to roll with the punches and it doesn't matter what happens because He is always with me! And he is always with you! He loves you and wants you to ask for help!

I love you all and hope you have a great Thanksgiving! If it makes you feel any better I will be eating Raman noodles on Thursday! ;) (total joke... sorta)

Elder Johnson


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