November 27, 2017


New Castle, Indiana


Elder Cutler

Looked after?

​Wow so much has happened and I am so exhausted that I don't remember much that happened this week... Hopefully it will come back to me!

Last Sunday we passed around the meal calendar to see if we could get anyone to feed us on Thursday for Thanksgiving, and guess what no one did!!... We didn't really expect to get fed though. Just because I am in a small branch and they already do a ton. Elder Cutler and I were a little depressed though. But we just shook it off and told ourselves we didn't come on a mission to eat. We helped at the Bethany Tabernacle on Tuesday, they had a giant Thanksgiving meal for all of the Homeless. It was super cool to be able to help out with that! I served green beans for like 2 hours straight. If I didn't like green beans then I defiantly don't like them now! At one of the breaks a lady asked us what we are doing for Thanksgiving. I jokingly said, "I am the best Raman Noodle maker in the world!" We both laughed a little and then kept serving.

About 15 minutes later the lady comes up to us and says, "I have been thinking a little and I really think you two should come over for Thanksgiving..." We gladly excepted and had an amazing meal with Debbi and Marti! They are hilarious, loving, down to earth people. But they had no intention on joining our church! But thats okay, it just goes to show that God is looking out for his missionaries.

As it says in the 26th chapter of Alma and verse 27 "When our hearts were depressed (We don't get fed for Thanksgiving) and we were about to turn back, (We are about to start feeling sorry for ourselves) behold the Lord comforted us, and said Go amongst, thy brethren the Lamanites (Go amongst they brethren at the Bethany Tabernacle) and bear with patience thine afflictions (And serve Patiently) and I will give you success (And I will give you a Thanksgiving Dinner)" Thats a little bit of a stretch but It relates a little bit!

I hope Y'all had a great Thanksgiving! On Thanksgiving we were given instructions not to proselyte, so that gave me a lot of time to think about what I am grateful for. I went through a lot of things, from Hobbies, to sports, to friends, to Family. The main thing that I kept going back to was How thankful I was to be able to grow up in this Gospel... A lot of people try to tell me that I was brain washed as a Child and I just don't know anything else, but how can they explain the feelings that I get when I read the Book of Mormon? How can they explain the feelings I get when I poor my heart and soul out to my Father in Heaven? They can't! And I cannot deny the feelings that I have felt. I know the Book Of Mormon is the Word of God. I know that God is the same Yesterday, today, and forever, I know he loves his children so it just makes sense that God would call another prophet to lead and guide us in these Latter days! Don't take my word for it though. Find out for yourselves!

Love you all!

Elder Johnson


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