December 11, 2017


New Castle, Indiana


Elder Cutler

Jesus walked

Wow this week has been more than amazing!!!

To start out we had Transfer calls on Saturday and I will be staying in New Castle Indiana, but I will be receiving a new companion and his name is Elder Darington... I don't know anything about him... yet... so don't even ask! ;)

Probably better explain my subject line before I get to far... While at a lesson a lady asked us why we walk everywhere... We told her that we didn't have a car. She then said, "Well I guess no one saw Jesus rolling around in a 2017 Toyota Corolla" Yes she was very right and it made me think more about how important this work is!

On Thursday we set up a booth for #LightTheWorld! We did in downtown New Castle during a Christmas walk event being put on by the city! We passed out so many cards and got the opportunity to talk to so many people about what we know to be true! At one point we decided that we wanted to pass out 3 copies of the Book of Mormon... but since we don't have very many copies we wanted to pass them out to people that legitimately wanted them! Right when we said this goal two people walked by and asked us what we were selling... We told them that we were giving out cards and candy they seemed very interested so we told them to check out the Website and watch the cool videos about how we can put Christ back into Christmas... this caught their attention and made them even more interested. They then asked us if they could have a Book of Mormon!... All four of the missionaries at the booth just started grinning! It definitely was an answer to our prayers.

In the Bible Dictionary it says, "Prayer is the act by which the will of the Father and the will of the child are brought into correspondence with each other" God is just waiting for us to ask for these blessings... The thing is, is we have to ask!

On Saturday we went to teach the Crane Family... (We met Angie (The mom) while walking on the street and gave her a card. She then told us we should come by soon, so we did and we taught her the Restoration a couple weeks ago) Every time we go over there the lesson turns out to be super crazy because there are kids running around everywhere!!!! but every time we are there we feel the spirit so strongly!! We decided this lesson we wanted to focus on the Book of Mormon, because Angie has a little bit of a learning disability, we decided to just read the first chapter with them... As we were reading no one was saying really anything... when we got to verse 16 I decided to stop and see if they knew what was going on. When I did Angie spoke up and said, "I love this Chapter" being caught off guard, I asked her "Have you read it before?" She then told us that she had been having a pretty terrible week, so she called her friend and her friend told her that "It doesn't matter what bible you read you have to pick up a bible and read it" so thats what she did. She picked up the Book of Mormon and started from the beginning.... She then went on to tell us that as she read she felt so much peace and comfort coming over her. She knew that everything was going to be okay!! I then proceeded to ask her what she thought that feeling was. She told us that she felt it was God telling her the Book was true!

All of this was happening while one kid was being pinned down and the other was painting his nose red.... and another kid was screaming the Song "What does the fox say" and to top it all off the hamburger helper that was on the stove seemed to be burning... but it didn't matter because the spirit was there and it was testifying to all of us that the things we were saying were true!


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