November 5, 2018


Piqua, Ohio


Elder Rausch


We had a rollar coaster of a week! One moment we were sky high and then the next we almost hit the center of the earth, but then all of the sudden we are on the moon!

Sometimes I get caught up talking so much about the people that are investigating the gospel that I forget to talk about the people that are already members and how their faith has been increasing!

I love to see members motivation to share the Gospel increase. It puts a big ole grin on my face, because it makes my job a little easier! "After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the Gospel" -Joseph Smith

Monday evening was full of member missionary work miracles! We had dinner with a family that was sending their son on a mission the next day! They were really excited for him and excited to share the Gospel while he is away!

We shared a scripture about faith and then invited them to pray to have a missionary experience. We also asked them to share their experiences with us over Facebook messenger. They accepted and we began a group message about missionary miracles.

A little bit later we walked into a gas station to go to the restroom and I began to talk to a guy who was a member but hasn't been to church since he was like 9. It was a miracle to run into him, so we shared that experience with the family.

About 5 minutes later we decided we should share that same miracle with another family that we invited to pray for missionary experiences.

They messaged us back and were so happy for us. Then they sent a miracle of their own.

Brother Bumgarner was working at a catering company and a lady he worked with began to joke around about how she wished she had more God in her life. Brother Bumgarner had been looking for an opportunity to invite someone to listen to the missionaries, so he took this "joke" serious and asked her if she would be open to having some young men come and teach her. She readily accepted. That's when we came in!

We setup an appointment for Wednesday! #Pray4Jessica

But it didn't end there. Yesterday we were talking to Brother Bumgarner about what we should teach Jessica. Then his daughter came up and wanted to talk to us, but she doesn't speak a whole lot of English so we didn't really understand. Then later we got a message from her saying that her friend also wants learn about the church!

It is so amazing to see the members sharing the Gospel and finding joy, just as I find joy, in it. Doctrine and Covenants 50:22 says, "Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together." This is truely happening with the Bumgarners.

I have been reading a little bit in the Gospels about Christ's life. It is amazing to me that Christ cared so much for those he came in contact with. He healed many and those that were whole he attempted to heal their soul by lovingly inviting them to repent. Many like the rich young man in Mark 10 didn't like to be corrected and went away. But Christ still loved him (Mark 10:21). It may be hard at times to share the Gospel but when we follow Christs example and begin to love those we are talking to then it is so much easier.

I know Christ lives. He loves us and invites us to repent out of love! This Gospel is True!


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