October 29, 2018


Piqua, Ohio


Elder Rausch


Well we are here again... Another Monday where I am sitting in front of a computer monitor contemplating what happened this week.  Every Monday, around this time, I think to myself, "man, I should of written more in my journal, so I know what happened this week..." but I guess the scarce amount of details I did write is going to have to do. (Sorry mom I'll try and do better at writing in my journal)
I think the biggest thing I had to learn this week was change doesn't happen all at once for most people.  It is a constant fight to become a better person than what you were the day before. We set goals daily and then fall short of them, daily. Some people can change overnight with somethings. They can drop their cigarettes "cold turkey".  Others it takes time. The most important thing to keep in mind when working through the repentance process is God is with you each step of the way. He promises us that He "will not leave us comfortless". (John 14:18) He doesn't expect us to make drastic changes within minutes. (If you can do that, then that's great) He expects us to try and when we fail, try again! I am grateful for His mercy and grace that helps me get up and continue to try each and everyday!
Remember Danielle from a few emails back... You may or may not, but anyways last time we met her we had an amazing lesson with her where she told us she would come to church, but of course she didn't and we were really upset.  We tried to stop by her house multiple times and each time we got the same response, "She isn't home right now". After a couple weeks of trying we were about to start focusing our attention else where. Thursday afternoon we decided to stop by Isaiah and Brooklyn and invite them to the ward Trunk or Treat. We knocked on their door and talked to them briefly. Then left. They live in the same apartment complex as Danielle, so we decided we would try by her one last time. As we knocked on the door we could hear people inside, so we knew someone was home. Then we heard Danielle yell, "Come in!" So we obeyed. She was really excited to see us and she felt super bad for missing her appointments and not answering her phone.  She said, "I know God should come first, but my little baby was in the hospital for awhile and I was just super stressed, but he is out now!" We set up a time to come back and she said that she would read from the Book of Mormon by then!
I swear I say this every week, but this is Gods work! When we exercise our faith, and TRY then He makes up the rest!


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