October 1, 2018


Piqua, Ohio


Elder Tavis Smith

Snot Rockets

We found out on Saturday that I will be staying In Piqua, with Elder Smith!!!!
This week was a little slower.  Elder Smith came down with a nasty sickness, that had him hacking and sneezing everywhere.  He spent the majority of the week sleeping, while I spent the majority of the week trying not to rip my hair out!But with that being said, there was much to learn this week.There have been times on my mission where I have felt like, "Man I wish that I could just sleep all day everyday!"  but after this week I feel like I never want to be inside again!
On Wednesday evening we had a lesson that we had set up.  Elder Smith still felt like he was going to die, but he knew it was important that we went to this lesson.  (he was on antibiotics so he wasn't contagious.)  So he decided to be a trooper and come along for the lesson.We got to the apartment complex and knocked on the door, but no one came.  We were pretty upset that she flaked on us, but we decided we couldn't do anything about it.  Instead of sulking and just going home, we decided to go and visit so more people.  Since Elder Smith was still weak, we wanted to go and visit people that would possibly let us in.  As we were looking through the Area Book, a name came to my head.  This lady we had met about a week ago and she also flaked on her appointment.  We still hadn't got in contact with her again, so I told Elder Smith that we should go and visit her.  So we did.We got there and she let us right in.  She didn't have a whole lot of time, so we just talked to her about the Book of Mormon.  She and her little daughter were excited to read it.  The little daughter (who was about 7) said, "Mom, will you read this to me"This wouldn't of happened if Elder Smith would of let the natural man win, but he put off the natural man and it did happen!
I know this is God's work.  He is orchestrating everything within it!  We just need to do our part.  I know that affliction and adversity is part of life.  I know that by relying on God through this trials we go through, we will come out stronger than before.  I know, more than ever than Jesus Christ suffered for the pains and sicknesses of all of us.  He knows me and you  perfectly.  I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God! I know Joseph Smith is the prophet of the restoration.

Love you all! Elder Johnson


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