January 1, 2018


New Castle, Indiana


Elder Aaron Darrington


Well Christmas was great I was able to talk to the Family for a little bit and I had a really good meal at a members house!! So that's all I have for this weeks email.... Just kidding

So these past couple weeks have been really cold (-30 degree wind chill. Yes I said that so y'all can feel bad for me for a second (; ) and we have still been walking around. On Christmas Eve we were walking around looking for people
to talk to before a lesson we had planned. I was kind of feeling down because I felt like we were doing nothing and when we were doing something I felt like I was doing it all! I was quickly chastened as I walked past a door that I felt prompted to knock on, so I did. The guy was nice but not interested. I thought to myself, "why did I have a prompting to knock on that door" and that is when the Chastening happened. The second I thought that I started to recall Luke 2 or the Christmas story. Mary and Joseph walked along ways to Bethlehem just to be told there was no room in the inn. Yes I may have felt bad being turned down but I took it better knowing that I wasn't the first to be turned down. Someone much great than I (as Elder Holland says as he is addressing missionaries) was turned down much much earlier!

A little later that day we went to a lesson with Derrick and Nikki! It was an amazing lesson that we taught right there in the freezing cold on the front porch!! The Spirit was so strong there and I didn't even feel cold. I felt the spirit testifying through me to these to amazing people!

A couple days later I had a feeling to text Nikki and ask how the Book of Mormon reading has been going. She responded quickly telling us that everything she had been taught in the past makes much more sense because of the Book! I was shocked and Humble about her answer. I knelt down and expressed my gratitude to my Heavenly father for giving me the opportunity to be able to teach Nikki and Derrick!

We also had Christmas conference and I was part of a skit (talk about getting out of my comfort zone) we also had the opportunity to watch the Polar Express. As we watched it we were asked to pay attention to and look for ways it could impact our mission. One thing I really enjoyed about the movie was when it said "seeing is believing, but some of the most real things are not seen" Of course this quote was talking about Santa Clause but we could twist it and say it was talking about Christ. I have not seen Christ myself but there is so doubt in my mind that he lives! I have felt his redeeming love over, and over again! With out him I would be up creek without a paddle. I know that he lives and loves us. I know he gave us prophets to lead and direct his church in these latter days! I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to serve this mission. It has truly changed me. I am no longer that Punk IsaacJDaBeast. But I am a new person because of my Lord and Savior who Made it possible for me to repent and change!

I hope y'all have a great and safe New Year!

Elder Johnson


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