January 29, 2018


New Castle, Indiana


Elder Adam Millet

Living proof of Moroni 7:29

​Aye hello everyone!

Well transfers were last week and I am still here in New Castle but I got a new Companion. He is from Corona California... Elder Loveridge do know where that is? This is his first transfer and he is ready to work... I feel like I don't
even need to train him! He is a very quiet spiritual guy.

The first day I was with Elder Millett was Tuesday. We went to a couple of lessons then headed home. We had about 5 minutes before dinner, so we said a prayer and petitioned God to put someone in our path to be able to talk to. When we said amen we got right up and started walking. Elder Millett had the impression to go a certain way so we did. We walked about 30 yards and past 2 houses when we heard a loud knock on a window. We turned around and saw a lady waving at us to come over, so we did.

Her name is Jane. We had met her about a month ago and she told us that "If God really does exists then why doesn't he make himself more known to people" At that time I had told her that her question was what we call the question of the soul and then bore my testimony about how the Book of Mormon can answer that question. I also told her that God wasn't quiet because he sent us to her.

We hadn't seen her for a while so when she knocked on the window it was a Miracle! God saw our diligence and put her in our path again... If we wouldn't of been exactly obedient then we wouldn't of talked to her again.

What an amazing time to be a member of the Church! We have so many resource to share the Gospel and learn more and more about Christ life... But are we using these resources for that? How about this week we try to find a way to uplift someone using these resources. I know that if we do this then God will bless us with more happiness than we could get by receiving something uplifting! (Mosiah 2:17)

I know that this Church is true. and Miracles have not ceased (Moroni 7:29) I have seen many miracles while in the service of God. Some might pass them off to be a mere coincidence, but when you are looking for Gods hand in your life you notice there is no such thing as coincidences!

I love you all!

Elder Johnson


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