February 26, 2018


New Castle, Indiana


Elder Adam Millet

What do I put here?

Story number one, to catch your attention and make you want to keep reading.

On Thursday night around 8 pm Elder Millett and I were walking down a pretty scary part of town. Just kind of strolling and knocking on doors and talking to everyone! We looked at our area book App and noticed there was a potential investigator that lived pretty close, so we went and knocked on his door. When we knocked a lady came to the door and told us that he doesn't live there, but he lives next door. Interesting, I thought. As we walked away the lady yelled, "be careful." I awkwardly yelled back, "you too!" (only awkward if you make it awkward) When we came to her neighbors door we noticed it was wide open and a weather door with no glass was shut. To my left was a pair of Jordan Air Force ones and a Basketball. To my right was my companion,
standing a little offish and I wasn't sure why. Then I look above the door and notice a sign that says Beware of dog. Eh whatever, its probably a little mutt that will eat my shoes laces. I knock on the door and the house (Not even kidding) Then I hear some sort of beast galloping towards this wide open door. I stand still and reach for something in my back back pocket to protect myself, because there is no way I am out running this mammoth of a dog! When the dog comes to the door my companion jumps off of these steps and is half way down the street when I decide that's probably a better idea than staying put. Then out of no where, the trainer of this beast comes and snatches him. Then he proceeds to tell us he is just a big teddy bear... Well turns out the guy is pretty interested so we will be going back there shortly! :)

Anyways here is an even cooler story.

Saturday night we went over to Chris and Angie's house for a lesson. We have been working with them for almost 6 months now!! They have changed a lot but haven't been to church yet. When we got there we were instantly strangled, by kids.
Then Angie and Chris started to talk. They ended up talking for about an hour while we just kind of sat there. Then the phone rang and It was their aunt. and she wanted to talk with me... I thought, "Oh no" because last time we talked she bashed with me... I grudgingly took the phone and said Hello. The lady on the phone jumped right into what she wanted to say, but it wasn't what I expected. She said, "Is this Elder Johnson?

I said, "Yes Ma'am" Kind of smartly

"Elder Johnson," She pauses, and says, "Have you been praying for me?"

Matter of fact I had been. Mostly to make sure that she didn't give Chris and Angie any wrong information, but yes I had been praying for her.

I told her, "Yes I have been, What makes you say that"

"I have felt those prayers, honey, and they mean a lot to me. I know that God answers your prayers, even if we don't believe the same thing, I am grateful for the work that you do, and I hope God blesses you with a very attractive wife"

As she was speaking I put my head down to hide my tears. It meant a lot to me that I had an impact on her life. She then proceeded to tell me that she is changing her life and she is going to go back to "Her" church.

Right after I hung up I had a prompting to teach Angie and Chris The Gospel of Jesus Christ, specifically Baptism. I told them this and we jumped right into it. It was the most spiritual and uplifting lesson I have ever been apart of. We addressed a lot of their concerns and by the end of the lesson they agreed to pray about a date to be baptized!!! I was so excited!

The next morning at about 8:30 we got a text from Angie. She said, "Hey elders, We are coming to church today!" When I read this I couldn't hold back. I was grinning from ear to ear as tears came rushing down my cheeks!

God Cares about us and He knows us perfectly. He answers our prayers. I know this! Keep praying to him and he will direct your path to happiness, which happiness comes from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I testify that this is true!

Love y'all and Sorry about not having any pictures this week. Also our mission has been approved to use Facebook, but please don't message me through that, because I won't respond. You can follow me though I will be posting uplifting messages about our Savior and his gospel. I would challenge all of you to find ways to use your social media to spread the word about the happiness God has given you!

Elder Johnson


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