September 17, 2018


Piqua, Ohio


Elder Tavis Smith


Wow sounds like it is getting real crazy out west! Good to hear that my family is alright and everyone is in good spirits!
Do remember Rose from last week!?
Well this story is all about her. On Friday I went on exchanges with Elder Sheffield.  We went over our plans for the day and talked about what we could teach Rose. (Because we were seeing her at 4) We came up with a great lesson plan that would help answer her questions about prophets and the God head.  Then we set out for the dayAt about 12 we get a text from Rose saying she can't meet because she has to help a man pull weeds.  We were pretty disappointed, but we asked if we could come help her. No reply...The day, I was with my regular companion and we were knocking doors in the same area as Rose.  We weren't sure if we should stop by her house, because we didn't want to be to pushy. As we were approaching closer and closer to her house we saw a car pull into the driveway and rose jumped out.It was about 8:30 and we had about a 20 minute walk back to the car. So we had time to spare. We run over to Rose and start to talk to her.  She seems very exhausted from another long day if pulling weeds.  She told us the guy she is pulling weeds for is super old and he asked a lot of people for help but she is the only one that decided to help out. He even asked members of his church and they didn't reply. Rose told us how happy she was that we offered... Even though she didn't respond back...She also began to open up even more about her family and the struggles she is going through.  While she talked we were getting eaten by mosquitos and it became pitch black.  Normally it would be hard to focus, but as I listened I kept receiving things to share with her!
Long story short we bore our testimony of the restoration and invited her to church.  She accepted the offer and told us she would text us when she was almost to the church.
Fast forward to Sunday.Before church we texted Rose and asked if she would be coming, but she told us she was way to sore and tired to come. She then told us that she would come next week. Elder Smith and I were disappointed, but we understood. So we sat by ourselves during sacrament meeting.Right after sacrament meeting I felt a buzz on my leg.  I opened up the phone and saw it was a text from Rose!!! She said, "would I get in trouble if I came right now?" We told her defiantly not and she ended up showing up for the end of 2nd hour and all of 3rd. We have not even had a formal lesson, but she has felt the spirit so strongly as we have been talking with her that she wants to find out for herself that this is true! Because we have not had a formal lesson with her, she has had a lot of pretty crazy questions that have been a lot of fun to answer! We plan to answer those questions tomorrow and hopefully get her family to join in on the lesson!!
President Welch talks about how when we go and teach people they feel the spirit, but we need to help them realize they can feel the spirit more frequently as they have experiences with what we teach.  They can have those experiences by reading the Book of Mormon, praying and coming to church. Rose realizes this without us even having to tell her and that is why she is feeling a lot more happy and receiving answers to her prayers!
I know this is Gods work! I am grateful to be trusted to teach people like Rose, who have been searching for truth for a long time. I know that by striving to have the spirit consistently with you you can consistently be happy!
Love you all! Shoot me an email if you get a chance!
Elder Johnson


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