September 10, 2018


Piqua, Ohio


Elder Tavis Smith

Life :)

Its is a great time to be alive!! This week was full of meetings! We had a Zone Conference on Tuesday and then Mission Conference on Saturday with Elder Hamilton of the 70! During both of these meetings we talked a lot about the Book of Mormon.  We talked about how as we read the Book of Mormon, it is not just a story about a people that lived a long time ago, but it is a story about us.  As we read the Book of Mormon we need to relate it to us.  The story of Ammon at the waters of Sebus isn't entirely about a guy cutting the arms off of his enemies, but in all reality it is about a guy that is faced with a challenging task, but instead of curling up in a ball and crying, he uses this situation to gain the trust of the servants and the king.  We at times are faced with a daunting  task, such as a big test, a job interview, or making time with family.  When we look at these things as ways we can show forth our power and gain the trust and respect of others than we become more motivated and with Gods help we will come out victorious!
Anyways back to my week! On Sundays we have church at 1pm.  I am not going to lie, the hours before 1pm are hard hours to stay motivated.  This Sunday Elder Smith and I decided that we are going to all that  we can to stay motivated during those slow hours. We identified an area that we thought would be a good place to go and find people.  We then identified some people we wanted to go and see in that area. We parked the car about 30 minutes away and began our journey.  The rain was coming down, and had been coming down for 2 straight days.  The temperatures were in the 50's and poor Elder Johnson decided he needed to be a man and wear a short sleeve shirt. The first 15 minutes of the walk was brutal.  My tiny umbrella barely was covering my head and my shoulders were soaked!  But I bucked it up and continued on the trek.
After a bit we decided to start heading back to the car and go and get some lunch.  We turned up a street and saw a lady peeking through the screen door at us.  We called out to her and waved and she seemed to ignore us. But as we got closer to her she began to come outside.  She then called out to us and told us that she was worried we were going to catch a cold.  Being the people my companion and I are we assured her that we were not cold at all and that we actually felt good. She wasn't at the least bit worried about our well being, but she was worried more about her souls well being. She had seen us walking around a lot and always wondered what we believed.  Missionaries had came by her house once and gave her a card, but nothing else.  She told us that she had questions about what we believed and we told her that we were the people to ask. The first question she asked could have come across like she was wanting to cause contention, but it was a very sincere and legitimate question. "Are you a cult?" She asks.
Shocked my companion and I kind of laughed and said defiantly not! We told her that we believe in God, Christ, and the Holy Ghost. Her next question was, "Do you believe in the Trinity and what is the Trinity? "We testified to her that God, Christ, and the Holy Ghost are 3 separate beings with one purpose. She then told us the answer we gave was an answer to her prayers. She has been praying since she was 19 years old, (she is now mid 40s) asking God if the God head are the same people.  Whenever she would ask one of her preacher's they would give her a vague answer and leave her more confused than what she originally was.
Afterwards she asked what made us different. Which led us to talk about the Book of Mormon. She was so excited to read the Book. She told us she liked that we had it in our hands and not on a phone.  She also told us that she has a few friends that would probably like to hear what we have to say and they might want a copy of the Book of Mormon in Spanish.  She said that when we come back she will try and bring them along.
Prayers are answered!
Love you all!


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