March 12, 2018


New Castle, Indiana


Elder Adam Millet

Was Elvis in the Book of Mormon?

Hey y'all!

Let's just dive right into it.

At the begining of the week Elder Millett and I set a goal to find 6 new Investigators. Considering we had almost no time to do any finding activities this week, this was a big goal. We wanted to reach our goals very badly and God could
definitely tell. During every prayer we asked God to help us reach our goals. Just like that we started to see miracles.

Tuesday a lesson fell through (sad) so we walked across the street to a guy working on his car. We asked him if he would be interested in a message about Jesus Christ. He through his hands in the air and yelled, "Why freaking (not freaking) not!"... We go back to see him tomorrow!

Yesterday we were at 4 new and we needed 2 more to reach our goal. We had litterally 15 minutes of finding time but we made the most of it and went to a potential investigators house. She answered the door and said, "come on in." We came in and taught her and what we thought was her boyfriend (due to a comment she made they are not dating, she said, before we said the prayer, "will you pray he gets a Girlfriend?") When we were through with the lesson we asked them if they had any questions. They sat there and pondered for a second. Then looked around the room like they didn't have any so I started talking again. Then the guy cut me off by yelling, "Is it true that Elvis is in the Book of Mormon." The member we were with lost it!! He almost fell out of his chair!! We cleared up that Elvis does not make an appearance in the book, then we told him the Christ comes to the people in the Book and thats way better. Come to find out he meant to say Elephants. We just couldn't understand him because Hoosiers speak a different language than us Americans.

Bottom line is we met our goal because we relied on the Lord and he directed our paths.

I know that Jesus is the Christ, but in reality that is not enough. We need to be deeply devoted to him and his will. By so doing we will be able to have not just worldly happiness but eternal happiness in the Kingdom of Heaven. This is my testimony, And I challenge you to try and sing the song of redeeming love through repentance/change (Alma 5:26) I promise you that you will feel more of God's love for you.

Love Elder Johnson


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