March 19, 2018


New Castle, Indiana


Elder Adam Millet

Just read it

Pretty awesome week!

2 weeks ago we set up a ton of appointments for this past week! But I am pretty sure 75% of them fell through! Which tells me that God has better plans for us! So we went walking and found a few people. One of them we found while I was on exchanges with Elder Erikson (My first half trainer :)) An appointment fell through so we started walking around looking for people. We walked past a car with a lady on the phone. So what did we do, knocked on her window and offered her a card. (Car tracting) She immediately hung up and took the card. We were able to talk to her for a while. Come to find out her mom met with missionaries like 10 years ago, but her dad hated the missionaries so they never came back. She was super interested so we shared a few scriptures about Gods love for her. She was very open with us and invited us a back!! Goes to show how important it is to talk to everyone!

On Thursday we had Facebook training and gave us permission to use Facebook. President told us that the correlation between having Facebook and baptizing is almost non-exsistant! So he posed the Question "Why would the Lord allow us to us it" He then went on to tell us that the reason is so we can devolp righteous habits while on the mission so we won't abuse it later on! I thought that we very interesting! He also told us that Facebook will allow people to come to us easier. Which I already have a testimony of.


Last Sunday we stopped by a LA members house to see if we could share a message. They were busy and didn't have another male there at the time so we left and didn't think much of it. We went through out the remainder of the week not really thinking at all about any impact we had made by visiting them. Yesterday we were doing companionship study and I got a friend request on Facebook. There wasn't a profile picture or any bio, so I was hesitant to accept it, but I showed my companion and he said accept it, so I did. seconds after I accepted it the Girl sends me a DM, and I thought "Oh boy". I showed my companion again and he said you better reply. So again I did. I replied by saying "would it be alright if I add my companion into this message?" She responded and said, "Wait what?" I clarified by saying "My mission companion..."

Anyways long story short, she was over at the LA members house and for some weird reason felt like talking to us.

God brings people to us. Through Facebook we are able to reach out to some people that we might not run into on the street!

I know that this is God's work. We are just tools in his hands. The second I/we think that we have figured out this mission, this life, ect is when we need God the most in our life. With out God's help nothing would get done in hastening His work. I know that this is true.

I also just want to say how grateful I am for the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. He brings so much peace to my life, by knowing that I am forgiven of my past. That I can feel guilt free brings so much peace in my life. I know His atonement is real. It is infinite and for everyone, but it is personal for me. I know that He lives and stands at the right hand of God. He took upon him our infirmities, that His bowels may be filled with mercy, that he might know how to succor me, and you according to our infirmities! I love this Gospel it is perfect even though I am not!

Love you all

Give me and update about life!

Elder Johnson


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