April 2, 2018


New Castle, Indiana


Elder Adam Millet


Weeks feel like seconds!

I reflect back on the week and I can't get past Saturday at 12 pm. What a time to live, to be able to stand in solemn assembly and sustain our dear Prophet. The mans 93 years old and he seems to almost run across the podium! As I listened and sustained President Nelson I had an overwhelming feeling that he is called of God! That feeling is a witness given to me by God through the Holy Ghost, which is better than any witness given by man. If you care at all then I would find a way to gain a witness through the Holy Ghost. Witnesses from men will only get you so far.

Okay now I can vaguely remember what happened this week...

The Anderson Elders gave us a call and asked us to go and give their investigator, Dree, a blessing because she was going into surgery. We went over there, and straight up got hoosiered!

(Definition of Hoosiered: "to be talked at for a long period of time, without having an opportunity to speak. Most people in Indiana or the surrounding areas will Hoosier you.")

But it wasn't to bad. She has been going through a lot and really just needed someone to talk to. She was asking me advice about her man problems, and whether or not she should get a divorce. I never thought I would have that conversation while on my mission.

After awhile of listening I finally found an opening to cut in.

(It takes serious skill to get out of a hoosiering situation. Lets just say I have now mastered it.)

I asked her if she would like a blessing of comfort and counsel for her surgery and the decisions she has to make in the near future. She said yes. The blessing said that when she is baptized if she keeps her baptismal covenants and endures to the end she will regain her normal health and strength.

The next night the Anderson elders called us and said "Elders Dree had a miracle!" They then proceeded to tell us that the doctors went in to remove the tumor in her brain and realized there was no sign at all of a tumor. She had been healed and I know it is because of her faith in Jesus Christ.

She is being baptized on April 7th!

I also had the opportunity to go on exchanges with Elder Hoppe. He came out a transfer after me and He and I have been on many exchanges together. We both have grown so much! It was a great day.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve. I feel my Saviors love daily and I strive to follow His example! I know the Church is true and The Book is Blue. That blue book has brought so much peace in my life and I am grateful for being able to read it daily! President Russell M. Nelson is the Prophet of God and I sustain him! He is the only man on this earth that is able to receive revaluation for the world! I can tell that he loves and cares about us!

I love you all!

Elder Johnson


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