April 23, 2018


Erlanger, Kentucky


Elder Zach Heaton


Hello y'all!

1st week here in Lakeside Park has been... Impressive. From the houses to the people, everything is impressive.

Start with the houses, they are HUUUGGGEEE! After walking around an area where most of the houses are abandoned I have been amazed and almost a little apprehensive about knocking on them because I feel I might break something!

Next, the people... All I have to say about them is they are not Hoosiers! ;) So I guess no more Hoosier Jokes, sorry...

This week we biked probably over 100 miles. We had a total of 2 lessons setup this week and the rest of the time was spent knocking and walking! My legs are extremely sore and I really hope by the end of my time here I will be able to
dunk (shout out to my little bro for almost being able to dunk?)

Sunday we experienced a lot of rejection. From people yelling out the window at us, to people getting mad at us for trying to talk to them while they are on the phone. We rode 2 hours to our dinner appointment
and talked to people on the way. Not a whole lot of people were interested. After dinner we started our way back, but we ended up getting lost... We went done this huge hill, then Elder Heaton stopped and said we were not supposed to go this way. I was
a little bit frustrated, only because since we went down this hill, we have to now go back up it... Instead of getting too mad I decided we should find out why we were in this area, because obviously we were drawn to it. So we decided to knock on a specific
door in the neighborhood. The person at the house came to the door was really happy! We talked to her for a couple three seconds about her daughter getting in a car accident, then we asked if she would like to here a message of the restoration of the gospel.
She said she would another day. #Inspired. Afterwards Elder Heaton pulled up the area book app and realized there was a potential investigator in the area from awhile back, so we went to it. The person who came to the door was not the same potential but
she said she would be interested. So we set up an appointment for the next week. #Inspiredx2 Within about 10 minutes we had more success than we had all week and it was all because we listened to the spirit!

Again, I know this is God's work. I have to constantly remind myself of this because my mentality is let's do this now and let's do it my way. I know that my way is not always God's way and I need to rely more on Him, because this is his
work! As i rely on Him I am much more happy and we see more success.

I had the opportunity to study the "The role of the Book of Mormon in conversion" for a prepare to learn for tomorrow's Mission tour. As I did I gained an even greater witness of the Book of Mormon. I have
realized that I must always be seeking to have a greater witness form the Holy Ghost about anything regarding the Gospel, but specifically the Book of Mormon.

Love you all.

Shoot me an email, if you have some time, I most likely won't email you back this week, but eventually I might...

Elder Johnson


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