April 30, 2018


Erlanger, Kentucky


Elder Zach Heaton


To start I just want to say I am exhausted. After seeing a pillar of fire Lehi, "cast himself upon his bed." After seeing an angel Alma fainted and could not speak. After the first vision Joseph Smith was very tired. It seems like after
any spiritual thing we, as humans, become weary because of our natural men instincts. I always keep that in mind when I am tired, while here on the mission!

This week was tough... We rode bikes all week and not a whole lot of people wanted to talk to us. That being said we saw a lot of good things happen.

Saturday we were trying by a potential named Nick.

We were drawn to his house last week and he opened the door up and said he would be interested. He had a pretty lame week because at prom his friends all ditched him (The kid is in a wheel chair and his friends ditched him... that is
pretty pathetic) When he told us that We comforted him and told him we would bring him a treat one of these days to cheer him up.

Saturday we decided to go get him a candy bar. So at lunch we went and bought him a snickers and we just ate a burger at the gas station. After lunch we went to drop the candy bar off at his house. As we are riding I start to realize
that the burger I ate had a lot of cheese on it... (Lactose intolerant) And that's about the same time my stomach realized that. When we finally get to the house we drop the Candy bar off and I tell Elder Heaton we need to find a bathroom fast. He then proceeds
to tell me that the closest bathroom is probably 30 minutes away by bike!!!! I become frantic! Thoughts are rolling through my head such as "What am I going to do! Nick didn't answer the door and there are no members around here." I then look across
the street and see someone. I am a little bit worried to ask them if I can use their bathroom because that is super weird and they usually say no, but I decide to do it anyways. I slowly walk up to the lady and she tries to ignore me. I then ask if I can
use her bathroom and I watch her heart soften! She says "Why of course young man!" Wow I was so happy! But that's not even the end of it. When I finish up my business. I walk out and see Nicks dad! (#DivineDesign) We were then able to talk to Nick and
his dad for a little bit!!

Wednesday we talked to this lady named Mellissa. She started out by telling us she was not interested, but she started to ask questions about why we go on missions. I love when people ask me that, because then we bare testimony about
how much the knowledge of the restored gospel has brought so much peace and happiness in my life!! That is exactly what we did with Mellissa and after we did that her heart softened and she asked if we could meet sometime!

The Gospel of Jesus Christ has blessed me tremendously! Without it I would be lost! It has brought me so much peace and I have no explanation on how or why, but it doesn't matter, because all that matters is that it does! As I read the
Book of Mormon and feel of the spirit I become happy!

Life is good and the church is true!

Elder Johnson


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