May 7, 2018


Erlanger, Kentucky


Elder Zach Heaton

It started 3 years ago (Thanks Bro Rasmussen)

Such an awesome week!

The members here are so awesome. During Elders Quorum everyone stands up that has an opportunity to share the gospel and I am pretty sure everyone stands up! They are all so willing to help us out!

Divine Design Story:

God has been planning May 2nd 2018 for 3 years now. It all started when Brother Rasmussen got married 3 years ago. He is our ward mission leader. Anyways On May 2nd we were biking around at about 2 pm and we get a phone call from the
Zone Leaders. Then right when we hang up we get a call from Brother Rasmussen. He says, "Hey Elders sorry for the late notice but I am going to have to cancel coordination because it is our Anniversary" I was a little bit upset because we had planned to
work in the area of the church all day so then we didn't have to ride bikes so much! So we stopped for a second and planned to figure out if we still need to be in that area. We both had the feeling that we needed to, so we start our journey over there.

Towards the end of the night we decide that we have time for one more person to try by so we bike to that person. As we start to bike we realize that this person lives on a giant hill therefore we are probably going to miss the bus that
we are supposed to catch for the ride home. But we do it anyways and leave it in God's hands to help us out. When we get to the house no one answers, so we start pedaling back!

About 5 minutes later we are at the bus stop and we barely make the bus! YAY! Then I notice that the bike racks on the bus are full!!! NO! So we have to wait for the next bus, which means we are going to be late getting home...

To make matters worse right when we are about to sit on the bus benches we hear someone from behind us yell in an old nasty gruff voice "get over here you dumb Mormons" I didn't even want to turn around, but I slowly did. When my head
finally turned the 180 degrees I saw the ugliest truck in the world and hanging out the window was Brother De Rosa!

He says get in I will give you a ride. So we did and we even had time to stop by one of our Investigators and invited him to a fishing trip the ward was doing. It was all in God's time!!

Not sure if that story made any sense at all but if you are going to take anything from the story it is that God loves his missionaries. He watches out for us and wants us to succeed we just need to follow the spirit and he will direct

I know that this is His work and I am grateful for all the growth I have seen thus far while on my mission!

Sorry If I don't get back to you this week. I don't have a whole lot of time

Love Elder Johnson


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