May 21, 2018


Erlanger, Kentucky


Elder Zach Heaton

Soft <3

Not a whole lot of time, but this week was amazing!!

We went over to Joe's house Tuesday. Elder Heaton found Joe before I came and he told them that they could come back and "Argue" with him, but for some reason we went back. Every time we went back he has opened up to us more and more!
We have never had an actual lesson with him until this week.

We were sitting down at his kitchen table talking about things that has happened in his life. Elder Heaton and I testified about how the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as restored through Joseph Smith, can and will bless him and his family.
When we did this he was so intrigued! He said "Next time you come I will give you the time of day to tell me more" We left him with a Restoration Pamphlet and committed him to read it and write down questions. We came back on Thursday and he had read it
and asked a ton of questions. Such as, "Is there a prophet today!" "Who succeeded Joseph Smith?" and the best question of them all "How do I know if President Nelson is called of God? or do I just have to have faith?" We were so excited when he asked that!
We told him he doesn't have to just "go by faith" he can actually know, by listening to the prophet and then asking God! He was so excited to hear that and wanted to know how he can listen to the prophet. We showed him, and then I remembered that
Elder Rasband would be coming to Stake Conference this week so I told him about that! He told us he wouldn't miss it!!

Joe came to Stake conference and told us that he felt good, but he is scared to say that it was the spirit he felt because he knows that he would have to change.

It was so amazing to watch the Spirit work within Joe and soften his Heart! I know that President Nelson is a Prophet of God. As I listened to Elder Rasband this week I as well know that he is called of God! I truly am so grateful to
be able to serve my Savior full time!

Love you all

Elder Johnson


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