May 14, 2018


Erlanger, Kentucky


Elder Zach Heaton

Oh King!

One year ago I was speaking in sacrament meeting about my wonderful beautiful diligent caring (I could go on forever) Mom. Now I am over 2000 miles away serving God's children in Kentucky. Giving the people here the chance to be with their
moms forever! What an amazing opportunity that is!

I am grateful for technology that allowed me to communicate with my family yesterday, but also allows us as members to be able to share the Gospel in so many amazing ways!!!

Enough with the gushy family love stuff, who is ready for a story guaranteed to make you want to share the Gospel with your friends... (sorry family you heard this story yesterday!)

So for the past few weeks (up until last Monday) our A/C was not working, so at the end of each day I would go outside and get some fresh air. I was doing this so frequently that it started to become a habit. Anyways that Monday after
a good day of riding bikes I came home pretty exhausted, but with some weird amount of energy, I ran through the door did some type of spin move around a chair, burst open the door to our deck and pretended to hurl myself off the balcony. As I did this I
felt someone watching me, and it wasn't my companion... I look to my left and see our neighbor. He must of seen the whole thing. He could not stop looking at the maniac that just about jumped off the balcony. I sheepishly said, "How are you doing this
fine evening" He chuckled and told me he was doing good. We then started to talk. He told me that he was from Zimbabwe and has been in America for 2 weeks. He told me he has seen missionaries giving service in Zimbabwe all the time. I asked him if he
was very religious and he said "Yes, I love my savior" I then asked him if he has ever heard of the Book of Mormon. With a puzzled look on his face he told me he has never heard "that word" I explained to him that the Book of Mormon is comparable to the bible
and it takes place anciently in America. As I was talking he kept saying "Really?" He was fascinated by the Book. What really caught his interest was when I told him that the climax of the Book was when the Resurrected Christ comes to the people of America
and allows them to feel and see the wounds in his hands. Then I testified that God cares about all of His children, so why wouldn't He send his son to the people of America. This man was so excited to hear about the book that he exclaimed, "Where can I get
such a book as this" (Add an African accent to that sentence and is sounds so cool) We told him he came to the right people.

As we were teaching him it reminded me of the talk by President Nelson in October 2017 titled "The Book of Mormon: What would your life be like without it" That night i started to contemplate what my life would be like without the Book
of Mormon. I realized i wouldn't be serving a mission, therefore I would of never met all the amazing people here. I then started to reflect on the experiences I have had with the Book of Mormon. One verse that has stuck out to me ever since I was in 7th
grade is in Alma 26:27, this verse later helped me decide to serve a mission, and it continues to carry me throughout my mission!

I would challenge each of you to write down the experiences you have had in the past with th Book of Mormon and reflect on them. If you have already done this... do it again! I can promise you that you will once again receive a reassuring
witness of the Divinity of the Book of Mormon!

Love you all

Elder Johnson


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