May 28, 2018


Erlanger, Kentucky


Elder Zach Heaton

Can't help but smile :)

Hello everyone! I found out I'll be here in the great ward of Lakeside Park Kentucky for another 6 weeks!!!! I am so excited. This place is so awesome! But I will be receiving a new companion. His name is Elder Jones, he came out with me
and his last companion was Elder Cutler. Who was one of my companions as well. So that's pretty cool! We will be getting another set of elders in this area too! I am so excited for this next transfer!

Anyways this week has had its up and downs, but we have definitely seen miracles.

On Monday night we were walking home from an appointment with a less active member and it was beginning to get dark. I was pretty confused about why it was getting dark so quickly. Then I looked in the sky and saw a giant gray mist sweeping
through the sky. Just as I saw this I heard a crack that shook the sidewalk! (Not really but it was loud) For some stranger reason Elder Heaton and I have a love, hate relationship with rain, so we were kind of excited to get soaked but then again when it
rains we won't be able to talk to anyone while walking. Long story short that gray mist started to dump swimming pools on us and we begin to not have very much love for the rain. I said a silent prayer asking God to send a ride for us. I was starting to
doubt that a ride would actually come and help us out as we approached closer and closer to out apartment. Then just before our apartment a guy pulled over and asked us for a ride. We told him we were about home... But that's not the end of it. We took 5 more
steps another guy from across the street asks if we need a ride. We again told him we were about home.

I was so amazed about that answer to my prayer. Yes, I would of loved to get a ride home right before the rain started, but God knew Elder Heaton and I were strong enough to withstand the rain, but he still wanted to let us know that He
cared about us, so he sent not just 1 Angel but 2. I can do hard things, and I still love the rain! #NothingCanStopGodsWork #WifePoints

This week we helped 3 people move! On Saturday we finished the 2nd move and we were about to head home when one of the guys, that was also helping, called out to us and asked if we could come help him move as well (We must of done a good
job.) We decided that this might be a good finding activity so we did. Come to find out this guy is a less active member. When I found out about this I decided to ask him if he ever served a mission. To my surprise he said yes! He then proceeded to tell
us all about his mission and how amazing it was. We talked to him for 40 minutes about his mission and he was grinning from ear to ear the entire time. When his wife came out and joined in on the conversation, she noticed how happy he was as well and made
the comment, "I love when you talk about your mission, you are always so happy when you do."

This experience made me think about how happy I have been these past 10 months of my life. I wouldn't trade them for anything. Yes there have been times where I have been stressed, angry, and upset, but for the most part I have been, just
as this less active member, smiling from ear to ear! The reason for this is because of how noticeable the spirit is. When you feel the spirit you can't help but be happy!

I know God loves his children and wants us to be happy. I am grateful for that love. I have felt it in my deepest despair and my highest of highs.

It is amazing for me to think that compared to God we are nothing (Moses 1:10) but in Gods eyes we are everything! (Moses 1:39)

Love y'all

Elder Johnson


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