June 11, 2018


Erlanger, Kentucky


Elder Zach Jones

Service and How to begin teaching

It was a real good week this week, full of service!

On Wednesday we had our weekly cordination meeting with the ward missionaries. We discussed a few people we were working with, but we talked mostly about service and how it will soften the hearts of people we come in contact with.

There is a lady that we have been doing service for, for about a month now. We have been over to her house about 4 times and we were trying to decide if we were wasting our time.

The service we are doing for her is tedious and slow! Her and her boyfriend bought this house close to the Ohio river. The outside looks a little bit like something you would see in a terror movie (I would name a terror movie, but I don't
know the names of any) But it is a pretty decent size house. When the lady walked through the house she noticed the tall ceilings, well lit rooms, and some other fancy features.

After she bought the house she started to do some deep cleaning and noticed some cracks in the wall. A little worried that her cringey old house might fall on her, she called a home inspector. As the inspector started to walk through
the house he started to rip away the paint on the wall. Brittany (The house owner) was slightly upset because she liked the color of the walls. As she was about to speak her mind the home inpector tells her that the previous owners must have been really
lazy. instead of taking down the wall paper they painted over it and then put more wall paper on... There was 4 layers of wall paper.

Brittany as well as the home inspector were very upset and began immidiatly taking down the wall paper. When they got to the actual wall, they noticed it was decorated in beautiful portraits of stick figures (children's art) as well as
a thick layer of glue.

Brittany, being pretty frazzled about the whole situation called her brother, who is a member. Who then called us.

We went over a few times to scrub the walls with small brilow pads and shared a short message from the Book of Mormon each time, but this last week we decided we needed to find out if she was actually interested in learning more, or if
she was just using us.

Me being the senior elder within the group of elders that have been helping her took the role of finding out how interested she was.

I was a little worried because I didn't want to hurt Brittany's feelings and I also didn't want to come across as not willing to help. Then I realized that service is good, but the knowledge of the restoration is better.

When I started to talk to her I began with some How to Begin Teaching points (PMG pg 176-177 ) And told her our purpose as missionaries. I then bore my testimony of the Restoration and told her the impact it could have on her life as
well as the life of her family. She was very intrigued and began to open up to us. She told us that she was familiar with the LDS religion and would like to learn more. I was pretty ecstatic.

I know it wasn't me that was speaking those words. As I spoke the words seemed to just flow out of my mouth. Before this wonderful oppertunity to serve as a full time srevant of my savior, I was a confusing and non-efficient talker.
I am far from perfect now, but with the Lord's help I have seen him put words in my mouth.

"Open your mouth and they shall be filled and you shall become even as Nephi of Old who journeyed from Jerusalem in the wilderness"

"Open your mouths and they shall be filled, saying: repent repent, and prepare ye the way of the Lord, and make his paths straight; for the kingdom of heaven is at hand."

Doctrine and Covenants 33:8&10

I know that this scripture is true. I would challenge you all to open your mouths and watch them be filled. Be Different!

Elder Johnson


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