June 4, 2018


Erlanger, Kentucky


Elder Zach Jones


Hey Y'all!

There were some great things that happened this week! It all started with my knew companion. His name is Elder Jones and he is from Houston Texas! He is the most chill dude ever and loves the work!

Here is a small miracle that we saw this week.

On Monday I bought $20 worth of food to sustain us for the week. My companion at the time didn't have any money and he was being transfered so he didn't help out with food that much. I thought that it would be enough, but boy was I wrong.
We went through the majority of our food within the first couple days. On Thursday during weekly planning we ate a ton of food without even realizing it!! During lunch we went to find some food in the pantry we found a little bit of pasta, so we cooked it
up. During the prayer on the food Elder Jones said, "Bless the food that it will sustain us for the rest of the day."

About an hour before lunch Elder Jones and I realized that we were really hungry! We started to doubt a little bit that the prayer worked. We were hungry and out of energy. We decided to say a pray and ask God who we could go see so we
didn't have to bike anymore, and the person that came to mind was the elders quorum president, so we did.

We had a great conversation with him and shared a very powerful message. It was a miracle that he was home and allowed us to come in! I know this doesn't sound like much of a miracle but trust me is was.

Oh yeah and while we were visiting with him his wife got up and got 3 giant bags of food for us!!! so that was an even bigger miracle!!!

Again I know that God loves his children, he cares if Elder Johnson has energy or not, so I know He cares enough to answer other questions we might have!

I love this mission!

Sorry for a short email

Elder Johnson


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