June 25, 2018


Erlanger, Kentucky


Elder Zach Jones


​Wow this week came and went again!

So a couple of weeks ago. We had dinner with a family that isn't entirely on board with missionaries or missionary work. (not sure why they signed up in the first place to feed us) While we were there you could cut the tension with a
butter knife! Elder Jones and I did our best to be personable and we tried to show as much love towards them as possible!

After the dinner we offered to share a message with them. The message we shared was about faith and how faith leads to miracles. We then told them out about one of our investigators and what a miracle it was to find him. Afterwards
we invited them to pray for Joe (The investigator we told them about.) They were more than willing to add that to there prayers. The spirit was so strong and the whole family was excited to see Joe in the coming weeks at church.

The next day we had a member lesson with Joe planned. When we got to the lesson he was not home. We called him and set up a time to come by the following day, with another member. When we went the next day, we saw the same results.
It seemed as though he was dodging us, which we were not sure why.

At church that week the families father came up to us and asked, "Where is Joe, my family has been praying for them, and they are not going to be happy if he isn't here...?" I felt for the guy and his family. He put his trust in the power
of prayer and the missionaries to strengthen the faith of his young family, and it seemed as though the prayer didn't work. We had to tell him that Joe was not able to make it today. He seemed a little bit upset and Elder Jones and I felt like failures.
(We defiantly were not, now that I look at it)

The next week came and went and we still were not able to get in contact with Joe. We thought that we should give up and give him sometime, but during weekly planning this week Elder Jones felt inspired to go over to Joe that night and
teach him the Plan of Salvation. Thats exactly what we planned.

As we rode our bikes up to his house we saw that his car was in the driveway (first time in a long time we had saw that). Then we rode up and saw he was outside. When he saw us he was so excited! We ended up teaching him the first part
of the Plan of Salvation and our purpose for coming to this earth. He was so excited about the knowledge he had received! After the lesson he told us, "If I didn't see it in your eyes that you know this is true, then I would of slammed the door along time
ago. But there is something different about you guys" He also said, "Mormons, believe in the what and the why, whereas everyone else just teaches the what and they seem afraid of the why." It was an amazing lesson to say the least! It was so amazing that
he told us to come back the next day and finish teaching it!

Thats exactly what we did. This next lesson changed the way I look at everything. We focused on the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the reason Christ did what he did. Joe was really confused about why Christ did what he did. He knew he
died on the cross but he wasn't sure why that was significant. We told him about how in the days prior he suffered for the sins of all of his people. We then read Alma 7:11-13. Then we told him that he knows exactly what we go through. Because he knows
exactly what we go through he is able to know exactly what we need to be healed. After that portion of the lesson we explained the resurrection and how the resurection is a free gift to everyone. We told him that when we die and are resurrected then all
of our physical imparments we be gone and we will have a perfect glorified body! Joe's eyes lit up when we said that because he has a disease that is genetic and that is part of the reason he is kind of mad at God.

I saw Joe's faith grow emencly as we spoke, but I saw my faith grow as I taught this guy that I have grown to love so dearly!!

Yesterday we were able to go to the house of the member that has been praying for Joe and tell him about the experience that we had. We were also able to thank him for being persistent in praying for him!

I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is not only real, but it is very personal. He in all reality suffered for all of our pains afflictions and any feeling that we have ever felt. He truly is our advocate with the father. He has
made it possible that we might become like our loving Father in Heaven. I love this Gospel and this plan that is focused entirely on our Savior. I love my Savior and I know he loves and knows me personally!

I love all of you and am grateful that you have read this far. I hope this story has impacted you enough to get to know your Savior more fully by going to our father in Heaven in Prayer.

-Elder Johnson


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