August 3, 2017


MTC, Provo, Utah


Elder Ennen

4lbs week

Well I'm guessing my email didn't work last week but oh well!๐Ÿ˜‚

I love the MTC I have learned so much and felt the spirit all day everyday! My favorite part of the day is teaching investigators! I have really gotten to know them and love them in this short time!

I have realized that everything really comes down to desire! Here at the MTC, on a mission, or in real life... in football if you have a desire to score then you will work as hard as you can to score... if you have a desire to finish the book or Mormon in 2 months then your gonna read at least 8 pages a day (which is what I'm trying to do and I really am starting to enjoy reading).... if you desire to love your companions or investigators then you are more likely to do just that!

I have really gotten to know everyone in my residence... some of them really remind me of some of my friends.... Elder Harwood acts just like Steele Rapier!๐Ÿ˜‚ he is the red head in one of the pictures....

I also really got to know Elder Hiener (the big one in one of the pictures) at first I was petrified of him... but then he started coming in my room and we literally talked about everything... he has had a really hard life but he's changed it all the way around... when he gets off his mission he is going to be a Navy Seal!! Which is super cool!

Elder Murray is the poly in one of the pictures and he is a stud! He is from Missouri and after the mission he is going to BYU to throw the shot putt!

I see Elder Loveridge and Elder Barton almost everyday... and we have the same exercise time a lot!

The last picture is my district after the temple this morning! They are some of the biggest weirdos I have ever met... and honestly I didn't think I would ever like any of them .... but they have become some of my best friends!

Also referring to my subject line... I have gained 4 pounds this week... which is crazy cuz usually I can't gain 4 pounds in a year so... I must be eating pretty well!๐Ÿ˜‚

Love all of you! And I miss you!

Love Elder Johnson

P.S. to future elders and sisters.... don't go on your mission expecting to stay the same... or else the mission won't be worth it...look to grow and become closer to God and you will enjoy every second of your mission!!

P.S.S. I leave for Cincinnati and my P day
may be different๐Ÿ˜‚


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