July 2, 2018


Erlanger, Kentucky


Elder Zach Jones

Prayers work, everyone!

So last week I shared the miracles that have been happening within Joe's life. This entire transfer we have invited a lot of members to pray specifically for Joe. Everyone within the ward keeps asking us, "How is Joe doing" "is he coming to church" "when's your next lesson with him", and ect. These members truly care about Joe and his development within the Gospel.
Last week I sent that email about Joe. Not necessarily expecting anything in return, but I feel as though there have been many people, outside of the Lakeside Park ward, that have been praying for him. The reason I feel that way is what I intend to write about today.

So this week we went over to Joe's house on Thursday planning on finishing the Plan of Salvation lesson. When we got there Joe was running around with his head cut off! Obviously something was going on.
When he finally calmed down he sat down and told us what was going on...
Bottom line was, he couldn't meet that day. He wanted to so badly though (Miracle). He told us to come back Saturday evening. We told him that we would, but then we started to talk some more. Soon enough 45 minutes had gone by and we were in a deep conversation about how he can help his kids start to learn about the Gospel (Miracle). He then finally told us he needed to go and he said he couldn't wait for us to come back on Saturday.
We went over Saturday and he told us that he had read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet (Miracle). He thought it was amazing, but he had a few questions. (Miracle) Those questions led to Christ life after his resurrection, which led to the Book of Mormon and helped him understand the importance of the Book! (Miracle). He also had a few questions about Mary Magdalene and who she was. I explained the best I could about who she was and then humbly told him "I don't know". That answer allowed him to open up a little more and tell us, that he loves it when we say we don't know because it helps him realize we are humans and that we aren't just making this stuff up!! (Miracle).
After the conversation we asked him if he would come to church the following day.
He hesitated for a couple minutes and that is when I felt the prayers of the members and all those who had prayed for him work. Those prayers along with the Spirit softened Joe's heart and he committed to come to church! (MIRACLE)
At church he met so many amazing members and all the members were so excited to see "thee Joe" (one member even called him "thee Joe"...) during priesthood we were talking about a scout trip that they needed help with and Joe piped up and said he would come help!! (Miracle)
Part way through the meeting someone asked if Joe would be coming back and this time without hesitation he said, "yes" (MIRACLE)
After church members came up and told us they wanted to be a part of Joe's lessons and they were super excited to see him there. (Miracle)

I know that all of these miracles, along with many more that were not mentioned, were because of faithful members praying for a guy that I have had so much love for.
I know God looks after his missionaries as well as those that are learning from them. I know that he cares for each and every single one of us. As I have taught Joe I have had a small glimpse of what God sees in him. He has given me a little bit of his charity so that I can be a little more qualified to teach His son. I am far from perfect and I fall on my face more times than not, but because I am not perfect then I am allowed to access divine guidance from someone that is perfect and knows the people I am teaching perfectly. And that person is my Father in Heaven and His son Jesus Christ.
Please continue to pray for Joe.


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