July 9, 2018


Erlanger, Kentucky


Elder Zach Jones

What would Jesus do?

Happy 4th y'all.
Well transfer calls were on Saturday and I found out that Elder Jones and I will be staying in Lakeside Park!! There has been a lot of progress with people here and I am excited to see why God has kept both of us in this area!

This week was quiet amazing. I learned a lot and I have had a change of heart within a lot of aspects of life.

On Thursday we did our regularly planned weekly planning and made some good goals for the week. We also made some pretty precise plans for that day.
After weekly planning we swiftly left to go and fulfil the goals we set!
We rode 30 minutes to the bus stop in order to get to the northern part of the area. As we were approaching the bus stop, we saw a man sitting on the bench with a bike. (Only two bikes allowed on the bus at a time.) We stopped in our tracks, trying to decide what to do. If we decided to still take the bus and leave our bikes, there would be a chance they would get stolen and we wouldn't be able to visit as many people when we get to our destination. If we decided to ride bikes to where we were going we would get there and then have to turn back.
Then a thought came to my head (not from the Spirit). The thought was, we could ride our bikes a couple blocks to a bus stop that comes before this bus stop. That way we would be able to get the bikes on the bus and the man sitting there would have to wait 1 Hr for the next bus. I told this idea to my companion and he was on board. We decided to take a couple more seconds to think this over. As we did I had something tell me "What would Jesus do?" (The Spirit) He defiantly wouldn't be so selfish to make this guy at the bus stop wait 1 more hour. I told my companion my final thoughts and concluded by telling him we should lock our bikes up and just walk when we get to the northern part of the area. He agreed and we locked our bikes up.
We still had 5 more minutes before the bus came and within that 5 minutes the man rode his bike away... Which allowed us to put our bikes on the bus.
I don't know what would of happened if we weren't Christlike, but I believe because we were thinking of others we were able to see a small miracle that led to a bigger miracle.
When we got to the northern part of the area, we started biking to go visit a lady named Virginia. As we were biking I started to realize that she lived a lot farther than I had expected. I was starting to get worried that we may have wasted our time riding this far, so I said a silent prayer asking God to help us find the reason we were in this area.
When we finally made it to Virginia's house I began to worry that she wasn't home, but we knocked anyways. As I expected no one answered, so we started back to the bikes to try her neighbors. We were about half way down the driveway when we heard a guy say, "Can I help you?" I turned around and saw an elderly fellow standing with his arms crossed. Because of my prayer I knew he was the reason we had rode all the way here.
He ended up being Virginia's husband and he told us about his hobbies and then asked us what we do. We were then able to testify of our calling and the restoration. We told him about the Book of Mormon and he was pretty excited about it. Then I pulled one out of my bag and showed him what it's about and then gave it to him.
It was a miracle to me that God first of all answers prayers, but also He knew what He was doing (Of course). If we would have locked our bikes up at the bus stop then we wouldn't of rode all the way to Virginia's house and if we wouldn't rode that far then we wouldn't of met this man! (Bill)

I know God is in the smallest of aspects of our lives. He knows us perfectly and cares about what we are going through. I know He answers prayers. It may not be how we always want but when we align our will with His then that is when we see answers to our prayers!

I am extremely grateful for this service I am able to take part in. I have learned so much and I have never been so happy in my life! I am far from perfect but because of a perfect plan with a perfect being that is part of it, I am able to become better!

-Elder Johnson


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