August 6, 2018


Erlanger, Kentucky


Elder Zach Jones

Real Cowboys vs Fake Cowboys

It was such an amazing week!!

On Wednesday we went with a brother Peterson to go and visit a part member family. This part member family has been taking the discussions for a long time, but the missionaries that last visited them left a sour taste in their mouth.
The husband has been a member for about 20 years and was baptized on Wyoming. His wife is not a member but has expressed to him that she would one day like to be. The past couple of months have been super tough on them in many ways. From grandchildren, to children, to kittens, to financial problems.
Brother Peterson has been ministering to this family pretty regularly and has made a big impact on their spiritual progression. He felt like now would be a good time to reintroduce the missionaries, because of all the hard things that have been happening to them.
He told us that the goal for this lesson was to help them (the Cortez's) see how the Gospel can bless them in this time of crisis. Elder Jones and I came up with a good lesson plan about the Atonement and how they can apply it to them.
As we went into the lesson, we started to share the scriptures we had prepared and it seemed like they just flopped. We tried to recover the situation but it seemed like everything we were doing was making things more awkward.
I then began to pray and ask for guidance on where to go from here and that's when miracles began to happen within the lesson.
I felt like we needed to end the lesson and just get to know them, so we did.
As we started to ask questions about who they were, I realized how much I related to these two Hill Billy Kentucky folk. Brother Cortez asked where elder Jones was from and then began to make fun of the fake Texas cowboys. Brother Cortez said, "the real cowboys live out west."
To save himself from looking foolish, elder Jones said, "Hey elder Johnson is a real westren cowboy." That began to intrigue him so he asked questions.
As we were talking I looked down at my feet and realized I had brought my big set of scriptures with a few pictures of me and the horses. (I never bring those scriptures) I pulled out the pictures and instantly brother Cortez became super excited.
I was able to relate the things I have learned from horses to the Gospel and in turn help them see how the Gospel can bless them in this time of crisis.
After the lesson brother Peterson said, "man that was so amazing, they defiantly liked you two! And they needed that visit"

I know that God has a divine plan for us. That plan is specific to each of us. We can have an impact on so many people just for being who we are. We are given talents to help people. It makes me sad to hear missionaries/people throw away their divine potential by saying, "yes I was led to them, but anyone could of been led to them if they would follow the spirit." Yes anyone could be led to them if they follow the spirit, but the amazing thing is, I/you were led to them, because God knows your personality, talents, and abilities would be able to impact them much more than someone else.
Keep that in mind. You are special and God is orchestrating things as we speak that will benefit you and those you come in contact with!


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