August 17, 2020


Schertz, TX / Cibolo, TX


Elder Gage Sudbury

Elder Iverson Weekly Email 8/17/20

Yeah, it's been a really long week. I don't know why but it chugged by very slowly. It was good though.
So my confidence in our area getting split was mislead. Elder Sudbury and I are staying together! Super cool. I love both wards so I'm good to go.
We had a few miracles this week. We taught this lady named Sonya yesterday. We had an amazing lesson on the Plan of Salvation with her. She LOVED it! She is very excited to hear about the Gospel of Jesus Christ next.
Some guy out of the blue just showed up to church. He wasn't super interested in meeting yet, but said he'll be back to church. That was exciting.
I got some minor food poisoning on Saturday and had some narly stomach pains. Whatever we ate hit my companion a whole lot harder. He's been bed ridden and squirtin and spurtin. Poor guy. Effects hit him hard last night and this morning. 
I do have a lot stronger testimony on how the Lord loves effort. My companion and I grinded for the most part this week and definitely saw a ton of blessings and felt the Spirit a ton more. I know that as you show forth your faith, you will be blessed for your efforts. If you dont believe me read about Nephi or watch the Book or Mormon videos on him. What a stud!
Love y'all and hope you have a fantastic week!
1. Picture with the boys with an awkward gap in between us...2. My recent convert, Tony, in Smithson Valley3-4. Yeah, our temple is sweet5. Picture of the boys back home 


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