June 22, 2020


Smithson Valley, TX


Elder Mercado

4 moves 2 months...possible 5 by Thursday

Yep I have moved a lot the last little bit. We just moved into a new apartment in our area which is great! It cuts out the 20 minute commute every day
We have transfer news tonight and this will define whether I am in the Texas Austin Mission or the Texas San Antonio Mission. Transfers is Thursday
The area is doing great. We put another person on date for baptism for July 3rd! His name is Zack and he feels a need for baptism than a want. We also found 2 new people to teach and a had a great lesson with one of them this morning. She loved the Plan of Salvation! Her name is Tanya. The other guy on date is doing great, but sadly we'll have to push his date back a little further
Elder Neil L Anderson gave a devotional to the mission over ZOOM and it was so spiritual. He is one amazing man. He bore testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith and I felt like an investigator having the Spirit testify to me of the truthfulness of his words!
Never has my testimony of Christ's Church been stronger. As you read, pray, and ponder the Book of Mormon. You will know of its truthfulness1. View from our new apt porch and some deer just chillin 2. What most of the roads look like here3. Us with the Elders we were living with. Duct taping a phone to the fan to make a cool video4. A bushel of daddy long legs, the smaller of the two we saw on that person's door5. Me at Canyon Lake6. A snake that was hanging out with us in the church


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