June 8, 2020


Smithson Valley, TX


Elder Mercado

Elder Iverson Email: 06/08/20

June 1stElder Anderson and I are getting split up😥. The companionship we hoped for since training is getting broken up. They are splitting our ginormous area. Elder Anderson is staying in Canyon Lake(with a teaching pool) and I'm getting booted to Smithson Valley where there is one person in the teaching pool. We are both getting reassigned missionaries. We found out last night and I leave on Tuesday. I don't know where we are living or what car we are driving. Hopefully President Tveton has found an apartment for us to live in. Canyon Lake is a beautiful area and I'll miss the people, but the people that I have met in Smithson Valley are really cool so I'm excited about thatUPDATE: June 8thYeah, so I got assigned to just Smithson Valley Ward. We are living about 25 min outside of our area in San Antonio. We drive a rental Nissan Versa. My new companions name is Elder Mercado from St Michael, Minnesota. He served 7 months in Honduras prior to COVID-19 and has been on his mission (counting his 8 weeks at home) for 9 months. We do a lot of good work together which is greatSo Smithson Valley has one person in their teaching pool and the ward has been neglected by missionaries in the past. We are kind of starting with a fresh slate with this ward. They are super excited to have missionaries in their ward who are willing to work. We do have 2 more people in the teaching pool now which is awesome. One of which should be baptized on Saturday (honestly dont know because I've only briefly met the guy). His name is Tony and he has been taught by other missionaries up until this point and haven't handed him over until just now. The second guy is a Facebook find named Cameron who is super prepared and wants to learn more! We found him at about 6pm yesterday and then taught him the first lesson over video call 2 hours laterI'm doing great! I love the work so much! This week I had it made manifest again to me the power of prayer. As you pray before entering a task, the Lord will help you in that taskLove y'all! Hope you have a wonderful week!1. View from our church building2. A baby turtle I snatched from Canyon Lake3. The Cow that acts like a Dog, Stormy4. The Sister missionaries decorated our door5. A baby snake I caught(Sorry, I dont have a picture of my new companion and me yet)


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